Playing around with outfits

Greetings! Welcome to the faerieland.
Today I’ve been creating outfits, mostly whimsical ones. Yesterday I played around with nature themed outfits. Like the one below

Today I’ve been playing around with my other more colourful whimsical clothes. I opened my eyes to some different ways to style my outfits, with lace shirts, basic tank tops and t shirts! 

It was super fun and I think it’s a treat for the eyes, to look at so many details and colours! 

/Viola Whimsical

Mini tutorial- easy branch jar candleholder


I just crafted a really nice candleholder and I wanted to make a mini tutorial for you. 

Things you need: small branches, a glass jar, a glue gun and some gluesticks. 

1. Start out with heating up your gluegun. Meanwhile, break the branches into smaller pieces, fitting them onto the glass jar. 

2. Now it’s time to glue them on!

3. Put a candle inside and light it. You’re done!

/ Viola Whimsical

New theme everywhere and social media links

Hi and welcome back to faerieland!

Yesterday late at night I decided to create a new background theme for myself everywhere on the internet. I think it looks great even though I now notice some errors, but I don’t care cause nothing is perfect so why should my header be perfect? ūüôā

I’m just going to drop all my social media names and links down below, so you know where I am active

Youtube- ViolaWhimsical

Facebook- ViolaWhimsical

Instagram- violawhimsical


/Viola Whimsical




Doll unboxing, associating and planting

Hello and welcome back to the faerieland!

Today I’ve been to the post office and recieved a very fun package, my first icy doll! I made a very quick unboxing of her that you can watch below.

Later on I went to my friend Noah to hang out for most of the day, I ended up feeling really tired so they where nice and gave me a ride home. I just got back in from planting my pretty plants which where crammed into small pots before, they wanted to get into some bigger pots to grow even more. How I love plants. They’re amazing that’s for sure! I’m not super educated on planting yet but I’ll learn more and more since I love it, I feel like It’s spiritual preparing and taking care of a little life like that.

My garden is growing more and more as well, the sunflowers and pumpkins are literally sprouting with life. I also watered them. I don’t really have much more to say right now, so I guess I’m done for now. Have a great time until next time!



/Viola Whimsical


The very fearful person I’ve become, elks and brain reprogramming

Hello you beautiful people.

As I’m writing this It’s the end of the 13th of July but the post is probably going to get published tomorrow since I started wrting just now and the clock is 23.30.

I thought I would share my thoughts that I had the other day, which I wrote down and It applies to today and all other days as well, not just that day when I took notes of my thoughts.

Since I first¬†got sick, I’ve gradually become a more fearful person.

I mean I’m going to be upfront¬†with you all,¬†¬†I’ve always been a very anxious¬†person who never really understood the world. It’s not that long ago that I actually came to accept it, trying to live in it, nowadays feeling like I’ve found the key to how I’m going to¬†deal with it. If¬†you¬†don’t know what I’m talking¬†about¬†then check¬†this post¬†and then come back.

I think that¬†it would be quite logic when you’ve been through hard shit your mind start to wobble and switch things around, trying to find a way to save you from more danger or spare you pain. I feel like that would be good sometimes, but not all the time. Let me give you an example,

Last autumn, when it was super beautiful outside in nature I started having these vivid dreams about elks appearing close to me and/or attacking me. I’ve seen many elks before in my life pretty close up, in fact I even saw a ”herd” of them when there was elk hunting here in Sweden a couple of years ago not long from where I was standing.

Anyway, back to the subject before I forget and go on and on about my vivid dreams…

I LOVE autumn and I LOVE going to the forest even more that season BUT, I couldn’t for the life of me get out and walk in it because I was so afraid. Sometimes this fear still comes back to me for a while and I can’t go to the forest. I really do respect those beautiful animals, they’re very big and powerful creatures. My mind is always analyzing every single detail so my brain started taking my dreams as an actual truth and wouldn’t let me out to the forest. It’s not me analyzing that is bad I think, I’m built that way, It’s when the analyzing takes over and limits you on your daily basis that is bad.

I’ve so¬†gotten submissive to these bad¬†thoughts about¬†everything,¬†that everything dangerous is going to happen to me, that everything IS a bit or very dangerous,¬†¬†that I’m a¬† worthless¬†human being and so on. There has been times when I’ve felt like I want to stay inside since I’ve felt so scared to go outside. Thank you brain, it’s probably just you trying to help me (not the¬†latter written though…)¬†but the line has been crossed so long ago that I don’t recordnize those¬†days by myself¬†¬†when I wasn’t controlled by you¬†!

The thing is we CAN’T sheild ourselves from exactly everything. Then¬†we all would miss out on so many great¬†things.

I dislike big cities, so I will not¬†go to the big cities if I don’t have to. And that’s good, don’t force¬†yourself into hard situations if it’s not important to you or if you don’t have to! Bad is when daily activites get unachievable or dreams get crushed because of your fears.

And now, whilst being the most stable I’ve been in a few years, I’ve started to work on that part. I’m healing and guiding my brain. Reprogramming if you will perhaps. I’m having this concept in my head called ”The white and black bird”, where it’s basically the light vs darkness which is kind of a shallow concept to be honest (if I where to be picky, with dark always¬†being bad and light always good etc.) but whatever cause it works! The white bird is supposed to help me from the black bird who is hurting me.

One of the most amazing feelings ever¬†has gotten to be you feeling like you’re changing yourself for the good and that it’s truly working. To have control over your life and own thoughts!

Now I need to go to sleep. Thank you for reading.

Be kind to yourselves!



/Viola Whimsical



Change is in the air

I can feel the change in the air, especially so clear today.

I feel like a¬†strong force today.¬†I’m a bit angry.¬†I¬†feel like throwing away all my shit. Just live in my room without any clutter. Throw¬†away all my non nature inspired clothes and just live in my oversized dresses and skirts.

I took my daily walk, only much earlier than I usally walk, and It was amazing. I totally forgot how amazing it is to walk early in the morning. I feel so connected to mother nature. At the same time as I felt really connected to nature I felt so disconnected to mankind.¬†I often think long and hard on this subject. Why is mankind so hateful? So false? So vain? So disrespectful? The list is goes on and on.¬†It is so clear to me today, I mean, it kind of ¬†always is in the back of my head but it was so very clear today. I will not participate.¬†In fact, I refuse.¬†I will live in the forest in a cottage, go to work and do grocery shopping and run other errands like going to the bank and to my psychologist in a town, but that’s it. I’ve totally had it.

The world is cruel and I’m sensitive and I don’t recordnize the way most people¬†aspires to¬†live their life. I have no intentions of ever living in a big town,¬†climbing the status ladder, owning expensive brand shit and having a high status job, on concrete streets¬†filled with¬†”everything you need”.

No. In fact It doesn’t have everything I need. I need trees, I need fresh air, I need flowers. I need brooks and wilderness. I need SPACE.

I feel like when I was¬†younger ¬†I watched this kind of life from a far distance, dreaming of it, seeing it from a small town person perspective. Very exotic. And¬†I always got told¬†that¬†everyone is so much more openminded in the cities, that’s what really attracted me. Then I went to school in a greater city, got sick from all the stress and unnatural inviroments. The city and all It’s competitive¬†humans¬†drained all¬†my energy.¬†I realised I didn’t fit in after all.

My much more quicker recovery than expected depended a lot on getting back to the daily forest walks and runs when I returned home.

When I get healthy enough to work, I’m going to save as much as I can to pursue my dream of living in the forest. Without stress, without interacting with too many humans. Just with those¬†people¬†who I’ve chosen¬†to getting to be a apart of my life.

I get more sensitive for each day. I never watch the news for example. It breaks my heart. The time has come. The storm has passed. I need to get my life together. Get healthy in both my mental and physical state, which I’m well on my way to being.¬†Getting¬†my drivers license, get a job and off we go. Into the forest, away from this cruel world, and into my own that I’ve cultivated.

Ohh, how I long for that day, when I’m sitting in my cottage, in the middle of the forest.

Best of wishes,

/Viola Whimsical


My fashion journey so far in text

Hi all.

I’d like to¬†write about something fun.

Fashion! (must resist urge to burst out singing along to the tune of fashion by David Bowie)

To me It’s always been so much more than just wearing what you think looks good, something much deeper. I’ve always felt an urge to express myself through different mediums, like drawing, writing and crafting but also through fashion.

Let me take you back…where my journey with fashion started.

I’ve always been a very feminine person. I liked dressing up as typical feminine characters like princesses and really kind of¬†feminine versions of everything.

I remember that I was probably around 7 years old and I¬†wanted to wear my favourite dress to school, mom said no and I got so upset, I just really badly wanted to be extra cute for school. ¬†Next step in my fashion journey was around when I, a 10 year old sat down with my mom¬†because I wanted to talk to her about my clothes, I just said that I didn’t want her to buy me any more colourful clothes, I had seen like¬†2 really cool alternative looking people in my hometown and I desperately wanted to befriend them, except they where about 15 and didn’t¬†exactly want to hang out¬†with a 10 year old. I just thought those people¬†where so beautiful, I was never uneasy around them or feeling scared by their look.

Around 2007 (when I was 10) there where a youth magazine called ”Okej”¬†in Sweden. I was subcribed to them and I was flicking through one of them and I saw this ad for the shop called ”shock”. The ad was really intriguing so I searched up the website and¬†the¬†fashion¬†those cool people I’d seen before wear where all¬†pretty much there.

I stalked that website for so many years, and when I finally got to the physical store in Stockholm, I died of excitement. That is where my fashion journey really started, because I’d gotten my hands on some exciting clothing and I just wanted to¬†never wear anything else but them.¬†I’ve always been¬†a whole lot more on a¬†higher level than regular people when I feel a certain feeling. Like when I’m happy I feel really really happy and with all other feelings too, they’re kind of exaggerated ( I guess?).

So maybe you can imagine what all that excitement and happiness did to me,  finding that kind of fashion changed my life, both in a good and bad way. Good because I felt right at home, switching from different colours and styles. Until I was 14. I took it way too seriously. It became a commitment to me, taking everything so literally. It stressed me out in my teens, I was supposed to keep my alternative look together and get good grades and work out and aah I just feel anxious writing about those years.

People started saying that¬†I was weird looking,¬†maybe¬†because I shifted styles of clothing¬†so much, I wanted to be a sweet lolita,¬†goth, fairy kei, punk, decora…¬†you name it.¬†Miight¬†have been standing out from the crowd a bit since¬†my hometown is so, so¬†small. ¬†They didn’t get me. I started surpressing my eclectic side in fashion to become full blown dark looking, because people could easily ask why I was wearing that and I could just point to goth, now they had a word and could easily look it up if they wanted, maybe that made me less of a weirdo. They could see that I was inside a box as well, because forbid all those who break out of them. I was now limiting myself, putting myself in a strict¬†box where I didn’t belong. Everything I put on my body had to be dark colour and everything just fell apart. I pretty much lost my love for fashion because of this.

But then,¬†in my very late teens and now, soon at 20¬†I stopped taking everything so seriously and just started expressing my feelings, my love for clothing and celebrating¬†my own unique human being on¬†days¬†when I feel like it instead…

Life is seriously too short to be lived inside of a box society created to easily identify and limit people.¬†There’s¬†really no harm in breaking out of them, expressing your own personal fashion style. It’s so much more fun out of there, I promise.

To me fashion is fun, a symbol of freedom, experimental, not too serious, a way of expressing feelings and artistic visions.

I wrote this, not only for my blog but for myself to look back on whenever I get confused by all these boxes people want me to go inside of.

I’m a¬†very eclectic person, never have been anything other than that, never will be. I like the freedom of it you know. I just really like being free and able to do what I want.



/Viola Whimsical 









Life update- sore, house dreaming and a wrong way to deal with anxiety

Hi all.

Today I’m extremely bored and tired. My body is super sore and weird feeling.

Yesterday night I looked at some pictures of girls with rainbow hair. It was truly fabulous. Must’ve¬†been a pain to dye though. Kind of like mine was when I had pink and blue hair. The blue colour gets into the pink and aaah it was frustrating. Maybe I was to sloppy or didn’t do it correct. Knowing myself I might try it again soon.

In these days I’ve gotten the attention span of a 3 year old though. According to my psychologist it’s something you can get a bit better at, with some training. I feel so boring and grey, might need some more rainbows in my life.

Also, me and my fianc√©¬†Marcus have been talking to my grandpa¬†about renting his old house in a tiny village south of my hometown, It might happen, might not. I know that I always get my hopes up so high when we find a house we like, but like you’ve probably noticed by now before, I’ve stopped¬†writing about it since¬†It has¬†not worked out yet. Hopefully, we might, just might be able to get It this time. The house is so big, that I would be able to get a crafting room, doll room and guinea pig room if I wanted and still have some spare rooms, haha. It’s not forever, but me Marcus and the piggies¬†would probably make it a momentarily home filled with love. Ahhhh, I’m getting ahead of myself now, must stop dreaming about it before I end up disappointed.

I said I was bored, and that’s partly because I’m waiting for my aliexpress and wish orders to arrive, I want them sooo bad.¬†In a moment of massive anxiety in the middle of the night¬†one week ago, I ordered one blythe doll, a new jointed body and a few accessories for her, the rest I have at home. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, because I turn to shopping whilst getting heavy anxiety, but I’ve gotten so much better at it. Might try to do an unboxing video of her, but it will have to be mute because I can’t stand hearing my voice right now.

That’s all for this post…


/Viola Whimsical





Feeling quite lost sometimes in life

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Going quite personal and psychological with this post, just a heads up.

This post’s topic is kind of weird. I¬†often nowadays¬†feel quite lost with myself. I mean I know my personality traits and such but the rest is kind of a mess and as I said, I feel lost. I think it might be¬†like this because¬†I’m evolving, but I’ve evolved a lot into diffrent aspects and¬†experiences and quite often but never felt anything like this that is happening right now.

Sometimes I pick up these intrests I have and focus on them a lot, but¬†in these days this phenomenon is¬†leaving me feeling guilty and confused. Like I picked up doll collecting again since a few months ago and I yesterday I¬†felt totally out of place and full of guilt, like I shouldn’t like these things now as an adult. Which is strange to me since I’ve always embraced my intrests before and not caring whenever they where seen as appropriate for another age, I have 0 intention of ever abondning my inner child.

I also think a lot about how my¬†intrests fit together and unintentionally in the back of my mind how I could make it all make sense but I just can’t. It’s frustrating. Even though I still feel like I sometimes have these moments of clarity, they’re getting less and less.

I’m so eclectic it makes me confused. I like so many diffrent things. Maybe that’s a gift, being able to appreciate so many things but It just makes me sad and confused sometimes. I think I might be in need of some structure, but on the other hand structure made me sick and¬†made¬†me feel so limited.

When I was in secondary school I labeled myself as goth because I wanted people to understand me better, suppressing all the other things I liked like Japanese fashion (lolita fashion) and upbeat music.

It’s so hard sometimes to stay true to yourself when everyone else wants to put you into a box so you fit in.¬†And I never fit¬†in! And I think that I now, at the end of this post I have gotten some clarity again.

I need both light and dark in my life since my life is so up and down all the time, and I need something to express these things through. Me being bipolar might have always influenced me, since I see beauty in both dark and light. And just a reminder, dark isn’t necessarily evil and light isn’t always good. (but that is another big topic.)



/Viola Whimsical


Some doll purchasing dreams for the future


The topic of today is something I haven’t mentioned on my blog since 2014 maybe?

A dear hobby of mine is collecting dolls, and currently I’m mostly into bratz dolls since I grew up completely obsessed with them. I thought I would share some dolls from my wishlist. There are always bratz dolls to obsess over and I constantly update my list :’).


These two gothic midnight dance dolls where some of my favourite dolls to dream about to one day own when I was a little girl. I now own the Yasmine from this collection but I’m missing the other two goregous dolls. I got so inspired by these dolls and still am to this day and when I was younger I decorated my pants like the second midnight dance doll.




I used to own the redhead above but then I was sooo stupid and decided to remove her face and practice facepainting dolls on her, and I threw her away. ūüė•




So these are the cuties I’ll share with you today. Which doll is your favourite and do you collect dolls too? Feel free to answer in the comments ūüėÄ




The doll maniac,

/Viola Whimsical