☽ Things I’ve made while I’ve been gone

Hi internetland, It’s Viola from faerieland.

Today I’m celebrating Ostara. I really wish you the best. I miss being creative and I want to be that again but real talk- there is a lot going on as always in my life. 🙂 I’m going to start to study in April.

I have however- done some things under the past year or so. Here are some of them, most of them actually!

Alice blue cutsew- made from a second hand treasure, decorated with lace and bows by me.
This handsewn jabot. 
A unicorn necklace put together from the scraps that where left after I had my etsy store in 2016.
A super simple beautiful necklace.
A very sweet wristband.

As stated, I’m not very creative at the moment and not happy with it. Let’s hope for a more creative future!

My look today, wearing green in honour of Ostara 2019

So you have a blessed Ostara and I’ll keep going,



☽ Viola’s ”lolita” wardrobe post! (Picture heavy)

Hi internetland it’s Viola from faerieland!

I thought I would make a ”lolita” wardrobe tour for you all. Just the dresses and skirts. BTW, I usually do not like to call it lolita because of the novel with the same name.

I tend to call these types of clothes whimsical fashion or just egl. (which is short for elegant gothic lolita) I want to show you that this lovely fashion doesn’t have to be expensive!  I get all my stuff from second hand groups on facebook, thrift shops, flea markets, aliexpress or bodyline. Of course I didn’t get it all at once, sometimes I save up for it (I have very little money to spend) and this wardrobe is the result of being on the hunt for lolita for many years.

However, this year I’ll make an effort to only shop second hand or sew them myself (I have heaps of material! I’m drowning haha!)  I love my clothes but I feel responsible to make my clothes and shopping even more sustainable + I own SO MUCH clothing. To boil it down to the core and point I love the earth even more so that’s why. 🙂

Now I’ll get on with the tour.



Bodyline – old school black and white jsk
Spin doctor- brown jsk
Bodyline- HUGE side bow jsk
Bodyline- underbust jsk (modified by me: added gold lace appliques.)
NEW! Infanta- elk series jsk
NEW! Offbrand – purple tartan op
Bodyline- strawberry gingham jsk
Bodyline – cat piano jsk in ivory
Bodyline- running alice jsk
Bodyline- skull pentacle jsk (broken zipper :(.)
NEW! Infanta- unicorn carousel jsk
Bodyline- striped pink and white jsk (modified by me: removed zipper and increasing the bust size)
Offbrand- pink babydoll jsk
Bodyline- squirell birthday party jsk in a very faded (washing machine) lavender colour.
Bodyline- love nadia jsk
NEW! Offbrand- pink princess jsk
NEW! Offbrand- sax princess jsk
NEW! Offbrand- Velvet dusty pink op
Bodyline- cat piano jsk in pink.


Handmade by me- black and white striped skirt
NEW! Handmade by me- forest skirt with golden green lace


NEW! Putumayo- cat’s window in black velvet and golden printing.
Reconstructed maxi skirt by me.
NEW! Bodyline- ruffle black skirt
Handmade by me- baroque printed skirt in blue, silver and white
Offbrand- black and white printed skirt
Anna house- old school skirt in black and white
Offbrand- black and white gingham skirt
Offbrand- pink and black unicorn carousel horse skirt
NEW! Reconstructed by me- jsk into a skirt (alice girl?) I made the waist way too loose. Need to fix that.

Lolita statistics: 

Items obtained in 2018: 10

Dream items obtained: 1 (putumayo cat’s window skirt)

Total mainpieces in wardrobe: 30


Have a great day,


☽ Planning a future sewing project

Hi internetland, It’s Viola from faerieland!

Today is a cold, rainy day here in faerieland and that’s putting me in my favourite cosy, creative mood!

Yesterday I was ebay window shopping for fabric, not planning on purchasing anything and I found this amazing fir tree printed fabric.

skogstyg 1

As I fell in love with it every second as I looked at it, I asked my partner what he thought of me buying it. He thought I should if I wanted to and that he was going to pay for half of it if I decided to do so. He is truly such a sweetheart. Spoiling me!❤

So I decided I wanted to buy it, so I did. But I thought that I wanted something more sewn on the skirt so I browsed through the lace search results and I ended up falling in love again, this time with some dark green guipure(I think?) lace!



The listing was for 8 meters so I will have a lot left, so I could easily decorate lots of accesories for the skirt with it!

Here is what I’ve been sketching for the skirt so far:

A very simple, yet beautiful design. It’s going to be enough though since the pattern of the fabric is kind of busy with all of the fir trees, especially if the print on the fabric is smaller than I imagine haha.

I’m looking forward to this project. BUT I’ve got to fix my sewing machine before I can start this project. I need to do some up keeping service! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading. I’m hoping I can inspire some of you to create more beautiful things, for real cheap like I do! 🙂 ❤

Have a great weekend!


☽ Outfit: Old school look

Hi internetland, It’s Viola from faerieland.

Today I’m coming at you with my very first outfit post on this blog 🙂

These posts are basically me posting an outfit picture with an outfit rundown, telling you where I got the things or the brand. My closet mostly consists of second hand items, I want to encourage more people to shop second hand, It’s fun, cheap and great for the enviroment and sometimes the money you spend goes to charity! 😀

Anyways, here is my outfit post!

oldshool real

Much love,