Recently purchased – New jewlery!

Good morning! As I am writing this post I’m in the middle of  eating breakfast and drinking chai tea. Mmh yummy!

I thought I’d do a little post about my recently purchased jewlery from the north European accessories and jewlery company Glitter.

I wasn’t really going to buy any jewlery when I was out shopping ( I was shopping in another town of course. My town doesn’t have any good stores at all.)  but as I walked by Glitter, I thought I’d just check it out just for fun. To my surprise they had a really cool sale where you could pick 5 items for 5,75€! 

And being the sale pirate I am, I had to buy some 😉

glitter jewlery

2 headpieces (only bought two incase I wanted to give away one to a friend of mine) two hairbows, one grey chained necklace with a black pearl at the bottom and a black and transparent pearl necklace.

/ Viola Whimsical






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