Recently purchased- Monster high dolls!

Hello my lovelies..

One thing about me that most people don’t know is that I LOVE dolls. I played with dolls as a little girl, and loved them. Now being a teen I still love dolls, but now I collect them.

I absoluteley adore The Monster high dolls, if they would have existed when I was I child I would so rather have played with them instead of Bratz! I used to modify my nearly 60 Bratz dolls into weird goth looking creatures of The night. xD

These are the dolls that I allready got:



Draculaura (Daguther of Count Dracula)


Rochelle (Daguther of The stonemonsters)


Frankie Stein (Daguther of Frankenstein)

(But I’m repainting this Frankie doll into one of my own characters..)


Elissabat (Daguther of a vampire)


Operetta (Daguther of The phantom of The opera)

And now let us take a look at The dolls I’m currently waiting for to arrive:


Lagoona Blue (Daguther of The sea monster)


Catrine DeMew (Daguther of The werecat)


Raven Queen (Daguther of The evil Queen)

(And as you can see, The last one is a Ever after High doll. :3)

I love these dolls so much and they look great in my two rooms as pretty decor! :3 ❤



/ Viola Whimsical


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