1 month anniversary with Philip~~

Hello everyone
I hope that you’re all feeling allright and having a great weekend so far!
I’m currently lying in my boyfriends bed, resting my head on his shoulder feeling super cosy and loved. I figured I’d write something on my blog while his busy building WTC on mine craft, lol my little nerd!
And today was our 1 month anniversary!

I’m so in love with this guy… I’m so happy and safe with him. He is the most extraordinary person I ever got to know… I’m so happy, there is no words for how happy I am to have him as my beloved boyfriend.. I suppose we’ll just chill out at his place tonight, kissing, hugging and snuggling in bed while having a movie marathon, all through the night. :3










I’m yours forever and ever mon cherie! ❤ ❤ ❤
Viola Whimsical.


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