Night feelings

Not feeling so very well at The moment. This year has been so tough on me and had me dealing with so many struggles.
I lost a shitload of “friends” (fake,fake,fake) changed My eating habits a hundred times (It was putting too much stress on My body because of it changing so fast and sometimes in a very unhealthy way.)
I’m very pleased that The very fast way I was living is slowing down at The moment. I can look back at things now and realise why that kind of living is not working for me. I have to calm down and study here, where I’ve always lived.

Do I still miss My friends at My old school? yes, some of them.

Do I still want to leave this town as quickly as possible? probably, yeah.

Do I still hate this town as much as I did before I left for Karlstad? actually no, not as much as I used to.

So there are some quite positive things about this and some negative things and That’s okay! I’m glad it’s not only bad things!
Anyways, now I feel like I really need to sleep. Might catch you all at breakfast tomorrow 😉

Goodnight ❤️,
Viola Whimsical


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