Who is Viola Whimsical? – Introduction

Hello there. I must begin to say that I’m feeling very hounored to have you here reading this. I’m so glad that you made it to my little blog!

I thought I would start off  first with introducing myself again in this beginning of my blogs revival, just like I did when this blog was new. A lot of things has happend since last time I wrote the introduction. Both bad and good and I know I’ve grown wiser because of this. My name is Linnéa Dedorson and  I’m 18.  I’m the girl that calls herself Viola Whimsical on the internet, Viola coming from my middle name and grandma and Whimsical, a word I like to use when describing myself. I come from a tiny town in Värmland, Sweden completely out in the beautiful forest. I’m currently living and studying here, but I’m in the middle of applying to other schools in other parts of the country as I write this. I need a good change in my life, and studying somewhere else is a good start. I’m applying for diffrent kinds of programs but my biggest hope is to get into a school which provides me with both the basics and will let me better my sewing skills as well. Maybe you already somehow guessed it, so yes I’m a creative, crafty person with a passion for art in It’s various forms. I’m intrigued by the darkness and the light. I’m really the kind, openminded type of person. I’m a bit twisted and really playful in both mind and choice of style. I suppose I’ll get back to this whole nice/openminded, light/dark and twisted/playful a lot in the future since It’s in my personality. I love sewing and designing, jewellery making, drawing and painting, phographing, filming, makeup and hair. I also have a great love for the nature and animals. I love the forest and I try to go there as often as I can for some peace, somewhere to reflect and to gather new strenght. I currenly got five pets. Two of them are cats, one is a dog and the two others are guinea pigs. I’m a shy person really so reviving my blog again is a step out of my comfort zone but into something that I love, writing and sharing my world with the rest of the world. I’ll try to share cool ideas whenever I get any with you and a whole lot of other stuff. So stay tuned. I hope you will find my blog intresting as it grows into the visuals I have in mind. Thank you so much for reading!


/ Viola Whimsical


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