Hello everyone.♥ I hope everyone has a happy easter, and if you do not celebrate I hope you have a awesome weekend anyways. I’m home alone this weekend whilst my mother is working and my little sister is away so I’m spending easter doing what I love- creating. I wish I could show you guys how my room look right now but my camera isn’t working, the memory card is broken and my phone is discharged, my charger broke a couple of days ago. So I can’t show you in pictures but I can help you imagine. My room is my  DIY- headquarter. There are TONS of stuff everywhere, chokers, lace, porcelian dolls, clothing, beads and charms. Things I’ve been creating since yesterday morning. I started using my birthday present yesterday that I got last year, a power drill that you can change into a polisher, cutter and other things that is rather convinient for a crafter. So now I can make charms out of anything I own, I just put a hole in it and hang  it on a necklace or whatever I want, It’s sooo great! Thank you Annika and Jan! ♥

Got some things sorted out for the schools I’m applying for yesterday. Fingers crossed. I’m going to a meeting in two weeks where I will apply for them for real. I’m nervous but very hopeful.♥

That’s an update for now. I’m thinking of posting some sort of collage of things I want or currently is inspired by for your eyes to feast upon later on. Signing off!

With love,

/ Viola Whimsical





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