Things I’m feeling inspired by at the moment

So as I mentioned before that I might make a collage of things that inspire me at the moment- I did and here it is!

Misc1Porcelian dolls, magical creatures: unicorns, old fashioned corsets, Marie Antointette, delicate lace, albino peacocks, Kerli in her army of love era, Kerli in her tea party outfit and box pleated trims… Pretty things galore!♥

So these are the things that I have in mind while I’m crafting right now. I’m kind of always inspired by Kerli’s army of love era of style because it’s totally DIY and so awesome to me.

Again, I can’t show you anything that I’m creating right now because of the lack of my camera. I’m creating this elegant pastel pink/white neckpiece right now with a corset inspired lacing at the front. I think It’s going to look awesome. I hope I get my camera or phone fixed soon so I can show you the things I recently made.

/ Viola Whimsical



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