OOTD- White wonderland

Hi again. I felt like doing my very first OOTD here on my blog today. OOTD stands for outfit of the day. So when I feel like it I’ll post photos of what I’m wearing and talk a bit about my outfit and list where I got all my things from. Today I felt like being light so I dressed up in white and pink. I did not feel like wearing any makeup today and that doesn’t really matter to me because I feel beautiful and confident both with and without makeup. I kept the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland in mind while dressing up and I also thought a bit about a ”circus girl” with the hairbuns and neckpiece. But I think it ended up more wonderland-ish than circus. ♥

I love this skirt’s embroidery panels and the edge at the bottom, It gives me such a oldschool feel.


 ♥Outfit rundown♥

  • Neckpiece: handmade
  • Necklace: handmade
  • Blouse: second hand
  • Skirt: a redesign of mine: a reconstructed maxi skirt from a second hand shop
  • Shoes: Ebay
  • Knee socks: Ebay
  • Ring: Glitter
  • Bracelet: handmade



/ Viola Whimsical




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