Things I’ve made this weekend

Hello and welcome back to another post on my blog. I thought I would show you some things that I’ve made during this weekend. If you saw my post Crafting  yesterday you know that I’m home alone and that I’ve been crafting all weekend. I got a new charger for my phone so I can finally show you what I’ve been up to. Let’s start!

A pink and white neckpiece. Created this morning. I made it really sloppy and quickly, but that’s just how it happens sometimes for me when I get an idea and get too excited about creating it. I still like it though:

Below is the first neckpiece I created this weekend. I really like how the lacing turned out:

Some gothic chokers I redesigned, painted black and added some beads and rhinestones to:

A simple purple raven choker with chains I created:

A simple white choker with a heart embellishment I created.

A simple black choker with crowns and a cross that I also made:

And I also started a few projects which I’m not done with yet. I started sewing on this cute short cape project and I started redesigning some porcelian dolls I found at a second hand shop for very cheap. I also made some brooches but I’m waiting for the rest of the material to arrive that I need to be able to finish them.

So this is what I’ve been up to, burning myself on hot glue and such, you know just the ordinary haha.

/ Viola Whimsical



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