Contrasts, part of me and my life

Hi. I thought as I said earlier in my first MOTD post that I would do a blog post about all of the contrasts that I’m experiencing in my life in all kinds of diffrent ways. First of the most obvious contrast of them all is in my apperance. Some days I like to look all dark and some days I like to look all light. I wear dark ”extreme” makeup on some days and wear light and/or lesser makeup on other days. I feel a lot and I’m a sensitive person so I have my contrasting ups and downs quite often in life. Some days are really dark and some days are light. All of this really comes down to who I am and my personality. I guess I could write more in depth about this another day when I really feel like telling you the whole story. I like dark things and light things just as much as either of them. The light and the dark are great parts of my life so it will reflect naturally in my apperance as I use my apperance to express myself, just like when I paint or write or sew.

Mind you, I’m not saying that I’m automatically depressed when I wear black and happy when I’m not wearing black. It doesn’t really work like that for me It’s more of what I feel like channeling on that specific day. This gives me a lot of ground to play on in my art. I love having it both ways, because I am both ways. I’m sorry if this somehow confused you, I confused myself a few times writing this because I’m just so eager to write down what I feel before I forget it. I might sound crazy but whatever.

/Viola Whimsical




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