MOTD- Eyeliner and dots

Hello everyone. It’s time to post my very first MOTD  (MOTD stands for makeup of the day) which is another little section of my blog where I’ll post my makeup. I’ve been experimenting a lot with makeup lately, or well since forever actually but I’ve been trying out to wear a lot of diffrent types makeup styles. For a long time I’ve felt uncomfortable wearing makeup out, but the confidence is slowly coming back to me. There is a lot of contrasts in my makeup styles, meaning that I both love to wear a loads of makeup and very little makeup.(and sometimes no makeup at all.) I also love to wear lots of bright, harsh, dark  and glittery colours and some subtle, natural, light and matte colours. My life is nothing but contrasts so I thought I would write a blog post about all of the contrasts in my life later on.

Todays makeup was more on the lesser side. I love to incoporate little details like dots into my makeup looks. Anyways here is the makeup of today!MOTD1MOTD1,2


/Viola Whimsical


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