Back at it again

Hello and welcome back to my blog! It’s been quite a while haha. So much has happened since last time. The biggest change since last time I wrote here is that I’ve moved away from home and now live with my boyfriend our little house in Sunne. I spend most of my days in the forest by his side picking berries, mushrooms and feathers! Haha yes I’ve got quite the feather collection as for now. I bake bread and cook some delicious food for us and is,  well very in love overall haha! Good times. 🙂 Marcus will soon start working so I figured I’d activate this blog again since I will spend quite alot time by myself again. This is more of a interesting and good way of writing down my thoughts. 🙂 

Right now I’m drinking tea and waiting for our blueberry bread to finish in the oven. If it turns out the way  I want it to be I might put the recipie up here! 

I will probably write some more later ❤ 
/ Viola Whimsical 


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