Recently purchased – Crafting cupboard 

Hi! Viola here,

as I wrote earlier, that I probably would write later, here I am writing again! I must say that I love bloggning, as soon as I start bloggning again I get all these ideas and come up with these subjects I want to touch on. I just love writing. 

Anyways I am getting ahead of myself, now cutting to the subject of this post – Today me and my boyfriend went thrift shopping. We originally went to town for some planting pots but didn’t find any big ones at the thrift shop so we decided to take a look at the other things. This thrift shop in Sunne has some furniture to good prices. I walked around and then I saw it… And fell in love! 

The cutest little cupboard ever!

Since the first moment I saw It I immediately thought “crafting cupboard” and that’s bacisally it. We had to buy it. This cost us only 100kr ( about 10$) Both me and Marcus run around my little crafting corner in the house admiring our purchase. 

/ Viola Whimsical


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