All is full of love

Hi! Today is also a great day so far for me. I’m having this very conscious sense of self, peaceful and quiet. Currently listening to Björk and her songs from various albums, right now ”It’s not up to you” is playing. I’m also drinking tea and pondering about life in a ligher view. When I say that I’m quiet I mean that my thoughts aren’t in a bad place, they’re quiet pleasant thoughts and not loud unpleasant ones that I’ve had my fair share of before.

I’m thinking that real happiness and wealth is not in material things and money. The real wealth and happiness comes from within. I don’t want to have a lot of money and fame, society tells us that that’s kind of all that matters. Think about it. If another world war would begin you wouldn’t have any help from your material shit and looks. Your faith in yourself and and the power of your mind would be what would help you. That’s the real deal.

I’m very wealthy actually since I have a rich inner life. My imagination is very childlike, and I do not ever plan to grow out of it or grow up. It’s my most precious attribute. Life is very short but at the same time It’s the longest thing we will ever experience. I don’t have time to try to please and impress everyone. I feel like I’ve got more important things to do. Sure I love decorating myself with makeup and hairstyles and clothing but I’m only doing that for me and no one else. It’s an act of self love I figured. And that’s not all there is to me. I have so much else to give. I’m not just some blonde girl with a pretty surface and nothing else. It makes me pissed that people can’t see that you can be creative with your looks and be in contact with the universe at the same time. Just because I like to decorate myself it doesn’t mean I’m shallow. I am a sensitive, compassionate human being with many great qualites. And no, I will not apologize on social media for being without makeup and posting a picture. We’re all beautiful just the way we where created so please don’t apologize for not wearing cosmetics. At this point I’m rambling, but shit is important so that’s why I’m bringing all of this up.


Blessed be.

/ Viola Whimsical


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