Artist spotlight- Kerli

Hello and welcome back to the world of Viola Whimsical. Today I thought I would introduce you all to a new segment on my blog-

the artist spotlight, which basically will be me talking about artists I like, summarizing some information about them, post photos of them and link some songs, the intention of this new segment is to make you who are reading this more curious on these chosen artists. Todays chosen artist is Kerli. I felt like I just had to start out with her first since she is my biggest heroine ever and her music helped me through being depressed and bullied and I think she really deserves more recipients of her beautiful mind and art. She’s like a big sister to me and I’ve known of Kerli since about 2009. She is also a DIY- person and makes everything that you see in her music videos.

Kerli was born in a soviet occupied town called Elva in Estonia 1987. Growing up Kerli states she was living in an abusive household, and escaped the grey surroundings through her dreams of becoming an artist. She was the only person in her small town colouring her hair in the colours of the rainbow, piercing herself and getting tattoos. Kerli entered multiple singing competitions and wrote music in Sweden and traveled a lot until she landed a record deal with Island records in 2006 and moved to the USA. 2008 she released her first album titeled Love is dead and feautures beautiful artwork made by Natalie Shau.


The cover art of Love is dead
The backside cover art









Kerli- Walking on air (Love is dead, 2008)

Kerli- Hurt me (Love is dead, 2008)

Kerli- The creationist (Love is dead, 2008)


After The Love is dead era Kerli started experimenting with other diffrent types of sounds and visuals. She’s said isn’t a big fan of talking about that today since she felt like she wasn’t being true to herself back then.

Kerli- Army of love ( 2010)



Kerli is currently in the making of releasing her first album as a independent artist. After battling many years in the music busniess she decided that she had to go independent since her last label Ultra didn’t want to release any of her music. Kerli told them that she would go broke, sacrifice everything and even die to release her art and then she left. She finally arrived to a place where she could love herself after living 9 months in a cottage in Estonia creating music, as she states in a vlog.

Kerli- Feral hearts (2016)

Kerli- Diamond hard (2016)


Kerli’s album is said to be released in September 2016.


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