Life is a dream

Hi all! I moved again a week ago into my new home at Kyrkeruds folkhögskola in Årjäng and I absolutley love it here! The people here are so friendly and interesting. The school is located in the outskitrts of Årjäng and stands in front of a beautiful lake. My room is very beautiful. I got all of my things here, my sewing machine, my arts and crafts stuff and my crystals and all of my clothes. I feel like I’m living a dream because this reality is too good to be true for me. For instance, there is no bullying here at the school, I can walk out in my platform boots and purple wig and bat wings on my head without getting yelled at or made fun of. In Årjäng it is another thing though, as I walked to the grocerystore last night I got yelled at by one car full of people and someone on a bike. I think they are cowards for yelling at me and then quickly speeding off, I think that says a lot about them…

Anyways, now I’m off to do some drawing or crafting (I have not decided yet) in my room before my alarm rings and It’s time to get up and shower. 

Blessed be, 

/Viola Whimsical


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