Happy again! ♥ – Announcment + My day + My thoughts right now

Hello everyone.♥

Right now I’m sitting in my classroom using a computer. (since my laptop is totally messed up!) I’m super happy because I’ve gotten e-mails the past week from a website reaching out to me because they want me to be apart of their team! They want me to write for them! I’m so happy! This is a great opportunity for me to be able to connect and reach out to more people, which is a dream coming true for me! All I ever wanted to do was to touch people’s minds and emotions and share my thoughts and art with the world. The fact that a website now has discovered my abilities of writing makes me really, really excited. I’m not going to say what website it is that has contacted me yet because I thought they might not want me to tell everyone before I actually start writing for them but I just had to write a bit about it at least to release my emotions and happy energy upon you!


Today we had the first day of the art week we’re having in my class. We’re having ceramics classes and I love it! We’re working on amphoras that’s supposed to describe ourselves as person’s and I choose to make my amphora with a dark and a light side, like my two extremes: depressed and manic. My amphora will also feature two profile’s of face’s, one sad and one happy face to represent my bipolar disorder furthermore. BUT! As I plan to talk about in another blogpost, It is very important to not forget that you’re so much more than your mental illness. ( But it still does affect you whole lot though. Often daily.) Therefore I shall decorate the jar a lot! (because I am a lot, haha) with symbols that I love and that’s dear to me, like the triple goddess symbol and pentacle to represent my female lifecycle, my spiritual side and to protect me and my amphora! I will also use other designs that decribes me as a person. I have a lot of ideas! If I can make it look great I hope my amphora will remind people of a dark and light roccoco amphora like the ones they had in Versailles! (but mine is smaller of course haha!)


You know, It really blows my mind how my life can change from one day to antoher. And what a positve impact it has on me to be in a positive enviroment. (And the other way around, being in a negative enviroment with closeminded people affects me with a negative impact. That’s how it is being sensitive, and I wouldn’t want it to be in any other way. It’s really easy to say now when I’m fine but really if I thought about it I wouldn’t want to be emotionless or indifferent. I know no other way of thinking and living like this and I really think I’m blessed with great personal qualities and I’ve got a value just like any other human being even though I’m sensitive. Being sensitive has nothing to do with being weak or wimpy. I think the opposite, that sensitive people are strong and powerful…also very beautiful. We love with a love that is passionate and feel with feelings that are strong. We’re the musicians and the artists, the thinkers and great writers. The leaders and the belivers. I want to apologize for feeling so strongly for delicate people but I’m not going to, we deserve more recognition and tribute for carrying our beautiful mindset (and hopefully at our best) function in daily life.

Now I’m going to quit writing, go to my room, brew some tea and brainstorm some new blogposts with new topics I want to talk about.

Best wishes,

/Viola Whimsical





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