Mental illness and spirituality

Hi! I thought this is going to be mental illness and spirituality and how the two of them go together post.

I have to say that throughout my life my spirituality has helped me a lot even though I wasn’t aware of it or didn’t know what it was. It was always something there that I couldn’t quite understand or grasp. To me this is very important since It helps me a lot in my depressive episodes which I have more frequently then mania.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this post first. It’s comforting to have somewhere to turn to when you’re feeling so broken and depressed. I tend to turn to nature. I always have, but nature especially has been a great part in my road to recovery since 2014, when I got both mania and depressive periods. (Not at the same time, but the same year.)  I went to walk in the forest everyday and it was like medicine for me. I always thought that I like nature and animals a whole lot more than the other people around me and that’s how I ”really” started to explore my spirituality.

Quitting to eat meat where one of the steps my spirituality inspired me to take. I personally feel a lot better without meat and animal products that where created with pain and pure cruelty. I feel like a better version of myself, for me and the animals and the enviroment.

I’d love to get to know my spiritual self a lot more, but sometimes life disconnects us, especially today when everything is powered with technology.  I’m NOT saying that technology is bad but sometimes is is over used by us, when we would really just feel better walking instead of taking the elevator.

I personally belive that there is a whole ton more to experience in this world, beyond the materialism and what we see.

Real happiness and potential to do great things in life lies within us. It is not in how expensive your new bag where or what high paid status job you’ve got. It’s up to us whenether we want to use our inner happiness and potential. It sits there, in our core, waiting to be explored.

I’ve never felt real satisfaction from buying something, sure I like what I bought and It might become useful and special to me but I would surely survive without it. That’s not satisfaction and can never be compared to the real satisfactions of your inner self when you succed with something mentally. I do own a lot of things. You should see my room…haha but when I buy things I usally do it second hand. And that is good for the enviroment, and sometimes other lesser fortunate people benefit from it, which is great!


To end my post,

Take care of yourself, explore your spirituality and keep on going. Everything you really want and need lies within you.

Blessed be )O(

/Viola Whimsical



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