Mental health- Mental illness and education, my experiences

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I thought I would write a bit about mental illness and education. ♥

Mental illness and education is something that doesn’t fit in well together with eachother. Mental illness could how ever be caused because of way too stressful school systems and then they go hand in hand.

It’s hard to have both at the same time since both occupies the mind a lot, you have to be concentrated in school and when depression or whatever mental illness you have is there as well it’s hard enough for you to think what you’re going to have to do with yourself if you can’t stop feeling in this way that depression (or other mental illnesses) makes you feel. When I personally actually thought I had to give up my chance to education because of my mental illness I felt like my world was crumbling down and I felt truly devistated. I lost a lot of hair because of the stress I felt with traveling a total about 20 swedish miles per day to school and you could clearly see my scalp under my hair because if was so thin.   I had too high demands on myself and that caused me to break down and the result of it all was me having to leave my dream school back then and me ending up in the psychiatric ward with a psychosis. I didn’t sleep either so they had to stuff me full of sleeping and anxiety palliative medications and I still did not sleep.

Today I know that you can have both an education and mental illness. The catch is that you might have to wait until the worst storm has moved on, so to say. It’s okay. Take a break from school. You can always finsih it later on when you feel better and is more in shape to continue your studies. Go your own way and take it easy in your own speed. Now studies are important but your mental health is even more important. You do not have to finish school at the same time as the other people your age. It’s not a competition, even though some people makes it feel like it is. Don’t you ever forget to forgive yourself for the years your mental illness took away from you. ♥


/ Viola Whimsical



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