Got tagged by a friend on facebook

Hi everyone. Since I’m on my new mediction I’m not feeling too well. Have patience with me as I’m currently not in the mood for blogging. I got tagged by a friend on facebook to answer a couple of questions… this is about what I can do on my blog ight now.
Single or taken: Taken
Crushing: no
If so, do they know: no
Nickname: Botchi boo, boo, (by Marcus) fot, skrot etc..(haha by my little sister)
Battery percentage: 100%
Do you miss your last relationship: fucking nope
Would you take your Ex back: never, fucking never ever.
IPhone or android: Broken Iphone, waiting for my new android
Birthday: 25-10-1997
Last song you listened to: Banana brain- Die antwoord
Favorite color: Pink, yellow, black, royal blue
Favorite TV show: Paradise kiss, Panty and stocking with garterbelt, The mighty boosh
Height: 167cm
What mood I’m in now: not too well.
/Viola Whimsical

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