Tomorrow my new life begins


There was a time when I used to live very healthy. I ate nothing unhealthy and did my workouts regulary. I was happy with my body.

To gain control over my health even more than with medication and therapy I will begin to take small steps back towards living a healthy life.

How I will start:

In this month, October I will begin to stop eating too sugary and too fat snacks/food. That means I will eat nothing more like candy, chips, cookies and ice cream.

In November I will slowly begin to find a work out routine again that I will be able to carry through in my dorm room. The reason behind that I want to take everything so slowy is because when you’re going to change your lifestyle it is much easier to keep on going if you take it slow. I do at least think and know so since I’ve done this before, it is much easier to hold on to your changes if everything is carefully planned and with no perticular stress or pressure besides your goals.

My goals with this:

My main goal with this is to be a healthier, happier person and to take back the control I once had over my life. Only I can do this for myself. I deserve happiness and a good health both mentally and physically.

However I have a few milestones I’d like to add as well, that I would be more than happy to one day check all of these boxes…:

  • Be comfortable and love my body entirely again.
  • Be more comfortable in summer with the heat.
  • Be able to fit into all of my lolita clothes again and comfortably.
  • Be able to work out at least 10 min each day if I feel like it.

These milestones might not be a big deal for you but they are for me. I will be very happy when one day can look back at this and feel so proud of myself because I changed my life for the better.

Here is some inspiration coming my way (and yours too if you need it or want it!)

again, confidence, and failure-bildsuccess, try, and ideas-bild

fitness, inspiration, and motivation-bild

quote and motivation-bild

quote, believe, and think-bild

crown, quote, and always-bild

Best wishes and good luck! ♥

/ Viola Whimsical



One thought on “Tomorrow my new life begins

  1. I too am on a diet now. Not the first, but I hope it’s the last! I’ve found some very good dance workout (if you like dancing) on Youtube. It’s called Shakras Industrial Strength Dance Workout, and it uses a lot of industrial music. You can do it on your room and it has a lot of variety in moviments and such 🙂

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