How have you been?

Hi. Welcome back to the whimsical world of mine. If your new here you are welcome in as well.

Um, how have you been is the title and I guess I’m going to answer that question now.

Life has as usually been up and down… but mostly good actually. I mean I have soooo much less daily anxiety than I used to. I get the most important things done during the day. I’ve also discovered this ancient self-love and become even more (!) self aware. 

Realised tonight what my true goals are. Felt like if they showed up on big significant sign in front of me. Some of my goals hit me in the face and made me feel uneasy about some old habits I had dragging behind me. So I cut them lose. Let them go. 

Some goals embraced me like an autumn wind full of leaves. I made a change and a promise for myself anyhow. I will keep violawhimsical on all social media that I am active on but will change my posting and my daily consuming patterns dramatically. It’s kind of been happening for a while actually. It’s me shedding my old skin and stepping into a new even more true form of myself. A transformation if I may call it that. I’m still the same kind, whimsical, caring, natureloving child that I truly am to my core but I am simply throwing away everything that feel like access weight and every old habit that doesn’t feel like me anymore. 

I must admit I was terrified at first. I feared for the worst…that I was losing myself. But after much consideration I realised I am not.
I’m evolving. 
/ Viola Whimsical 


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