Longing for a summer hideout+ new possibilites

Hi everyone.

I’m in quite a happy mood right now because I’ve gotten this idea that I want to hire a summer home in the forest. I got relatives who live and lived in the forest, and I might, just might have a possibility to hire that very home that my elder relatives lived in. If just for the summer as a test. I’m super stoked. The house haven’t got any running water or anything that modern. I’m pretty sure I won’t even be able to have any internet at all.

I’m so excited because this will give me a chance to actually live in the forest on my own, if only for a little while, whilst I wait for the day to come when I can actually buy a place of my own. It’s a dream coming true for me!

However there are a few obsticles that may cause a problem for me to reach this dream though, If the relative, the current owner of the house won’t budge to let me hire. And I’m really sensitive and open to energies, and I’ve always gotten the feeling that the house is haunted by my elder relatives…which I don’t know how I will react to really.

I think however, If my dream works out I will reach another deeper level of my spirituality and my mental health issues might get a lot better. I wish, I wish, I wish!!


BTW, I’ve gotten a new haircolour and haircut!

2017-05-10 08.46.26 2




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