Two months absence…

Hi and welcome back to the faerieland!

Sooo I have been gone for two months…If I could explain it in words they would probably be identity crisis and soul searching. I totally went out in space and questioned everything I could ever question in my life. So yeah, I got off track there for a second (2 months..). It was quite scary. I didn’t recognize myself in anything, my mind, my behaviour, what my life currently is, my face-EVERYTHING was thorn down to pieces and analysed!

I went so deep within myself and to become myself again I had to turn and ask my 14-15 year old self what the fuck I was doing. I snapped out of it, and here I am world!

When I was 14-15, I was a humble young lady confident enough to break all the rules, thinking she’s the hottest shit in town. I had outlandish self control and self love enough to carry myself through the latter terrible years of middle school. The other night I even found some old videos of me, capturing myself on good days in good moods. It makes me happy to see her smiling, it makes me think that all those years where not all bad all the time after all. 🙂

14-15 year old LinnĂ©a, I rise my tea cup for you and I’m really fighting to emerge from this selfharming state of mind. I really am! I admire you!

Don’t jude a girl by her middle finger. Selfie from 2012


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