☽ Tutorial – Super easy and quick dipbrow

Hi internetland, it’s Viola from faerieland!

How are you? I’ve been cold for a week but today I’m coming back to you, it’s going to be the very first time ever I’ll post a tutorial on this blog! This tutorial is going to tutor you to create your own dipbrow that you can use to fill in your eyebrows!

You will only need two things:

● Eyeshadow with colour of choice

● Hair gel

As I didn’t have a eyeshadow with the colour I wanted I took my old CLEAN eyebrow kit with the colours I needed, they where dried up so they resemble eyeshadow. Then I took my Wella hair styling gel…


Then you simply just grab a bowl or any type of surface to mix the two together and now you’ve got your very own dipbrow. Time to slay those brows!♡

I hope this helped some of you goregous people out there reading this. ♡

See you soon!




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