Change of plans+ autumn diy

I’ve been dreading for this day to come. The day I would return to this blog after the incident that whilst feeling sad I view as an epic failure. 

I’m not going to take the course, the one I described as yoga/art/spiritual and so on (that I was looking forward to so much). It just didn’t fit in my life right now, yeah right, it actually did! But the stress that came around like remembering to make lunch for the next day or wake up on time to take the bus didn’t fit in at all. I got stressed.

I’m in a place of my recovering, mind you, where I’m completely in need of peace and no stress. Ideally I would never have to become exposed to stress again, but in this world that is next to impossible. I will never be exposed to it in the same way again though, that’s for sure, that is something I’m not going to let happen again. 

With getting that off my chest I wanted to show you what I crafted today. I made this cute headdress to celebrate the fact that autumn is almost, well kind of here! 


/Viola Whimsical



Mini tutorial- easy branch jar candleholder


I just crafted a really nice candleholder and I wanted to make a mini tutorial for you. 

Things you need: small branches, a glass jar, a glue gun and some gluesticks. 

1. Start out with heating up your gluegun. Meanwhile, break the branches into smaller pieces, fitting them onto the glass jar. 

2. Now it’s time to glue them on!

3. Put a candle inside and light it. You’re done!

/ Viola Whimsical

DIY- Face jewelry


I’ve been creating lots for days now. I’m in my happiest state when I create. So ridiculously happy and at peace. 

I created these face jewelry to wear on my forehead and I’m in love!♡

Creating right now and listening to an audio book, non the less the brilliant masterpiece Bram Stokers Dracula in Swedish. I’m determinated to read and hear this book in english one day, When I get my concentration for books back♡
/ Viola Whimsical

Recently purchased- Second hand shopping


I got lucky at the second hand today.

I’ve already put my hands on most of these items and started to modify them into shape and with bows and pearls.

These are today’s clothing second hand finds that where on sale. Also bought these three crowns that I’ve already started to make into headpieces that you clip on your head and then tie ribbon under the chin. I fell in love with the idea that I’m making into reality when I first saw them sitting there on a table. They costed me less then 1$

CollageMaker_20170426_191102820I hope I can inspire other likeminded people to go out and shop in second hand shops and modify the items you get. This is almost always how I evolve in my creativity and recycling is great!




/Viola Whimsical

Tutorial – how to restore synthetic hair extensions

Hi! Long time no see. I’ve been quite into doll collecting recently, especially bratz dolls so I’ve bought a few doll lots on ebay. Most of the dolls need their hair restored and I came up with this idea to use kind of the same technique on my old synthetic hair extensions that I used to wear everyday in 2015. 

Synthetic hair extensions is a much cheaper alternative than real human hair extensions. However, they need a lot more work than human hair extensions, to me this is okay becaus to me it is more important to save money than it is to not having to take care of my extensions more often. 

Keep in mind when using a flash while taking photos will most likely make the synthetic hair reflect the flash a bit. It may not look as real as human hair extensions but If you wear synthetic wigs often like me I’m sure you already knew this. 🙂

I will now show you my routine on how to restore synthetic hair extensions on my old synthetic ponytail hair extensions. The more patience you have on working this routine on your extensions the better the result. I felt quite impatient today so I spent as little time as I could on this but still got good results..

Preperations: Take a spray bottle (or if you can’t find one like me, take a bowl) and put some conditioner into the bowl with a reasonable amount of water. Pre heat heat a flattening iron on a low setting. If you put it on to high heat the synthetic fibre will most likely melt. Get your best comb out. You are now ready to begin. 

Step 1: Begin by sorting out your extensions. Section into small bits of hair. 

Step 2: Dip your comb into the water and comb through or use your spray bottle to make the hair wet and comb it. 

Step 3: Comb through all of the tangled and frissy hair while it’s wet. Leave it to dry a bit. 

Step 4: Take your flattening iron and go through your section fast and careful and few times. You should be left with something looking like picture number 5. 

Step 6: Continue to section the hair and repeat all the previous steps until your left with smooth flat hair like on picture 7. 

Step 8: You’re done and should be left with smooth and beautiful synthetic hair extensions!
/ Viola Whimsical

Introducing my shop

Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve all had one good nights sleep.♡ Today I’m going to Karlstad for some errands and then I’ll travel to my boyfriend Marcus and stay with him. I thought I would introduce my little shop which I own and run myself. It’s called ViolaWhimsical and is located on the Etsy website on the internet.

♡My shop♡

I got so inspired yesterday after reciving a new order so I instantly started finishing up some pieces that I’ve been creating and I put them up in my store. These are the newest listings in my shop :

I love unicorns so I’ve been experimenting with these necklaces for a few months now and I think the finished product came out just beautiful!

Take a look at my shop if you feel like it, there is currently 7 listings up, actually there is 9 listings but two of them are out of stock and doesn’t show up in the shop at the moment.

♡My shop♡

/ Viola Whimsical

Things I’ve made this weekend

Hello and welcome back to another post on my blog. I thought I would show you some things that I’ve made during this weekend. If you saw my post Crafting  yesterday you know that I’m home alone and that I’ve been crafting all weekend. I got a new charger for my phone so I can finally show you what I’ve been up to. Let’s start!

A pink and white neckpiece. Created this morning. I made it really sloppy and quickly, but that’s just how it happens sometimes for me when I get an idea and get too excited about creating it. I still like it though:

Below is the first neckpiece I created this weekend. I really like how the lacing turned out:

Some gothic chokers I redesigned, painted black and added some beads and rhinestones to:

A simple purple raven choker with chains I created:

A simple white choker with a heart embellishment I created.

A simple black choker with crowns and a cross that I also made:

And I also started a few projects which I’m not done with yet. I started sewing on this cute short cape project and I started redesigning some porcelian dolls I found at a second hand shop for very cheap. I also made some brooches but I’m waiting for the rest of the material to arrive that I need to be able to finish them.

So this is what I’ve been up to, burning myself on hot glue and such, you know just the ordinary haha.

/ Viola Whimsical