Mini tutorial- easy branch jar candleholder


I just crafted a really nice candleholder and I wanted to make a mini tutorial for you. 

Things you need: small branches, a glass jar, a glue gun and some gluesticks. 

1. Start out with heating up your gluegun. Meanwhile, break the branches into smaller pieces, fitting them onto the glass jar. 

2. Now it’s time to glue them on!

3. Put a candle inside and light it. You’re done!

/ Viola Whimsical


Tutorial – how to restore synthetic hair extensions

Hi! Long time no see. I’ve been quite into doll collecting recently, especially bratz dolls so I’ve bought a few doll lots on ebay. Most of the dolls need their hair restored and I came up with this idea to use kind of the same technique on my old synthetic hair extensions that I used to wear everyday in 2015. 

Synthetic hair extensions is a much cheaper alternative than real human hair extensions. However, they need a lot more work than human hair extensions, to me this is okay becaus to me it is more important to save money than it is to not having to take care of my extensions more often. 

Keep in mind when using a flash while taking photos will most likely make the synthetic hair reflect the flash a bit. It may not look as real as human hair extensions but If you wear synthetic wigs often like me I’m sure you already knew this. 🙂

I will now show you my routine on how to restore synthetic hair extensions on my old synthetic ponytail hair extensions. The more patience you have on working this routine on your extensions the better the result. I felt quite impatient today so I spent as little time as I could on this but still got good results..

Preperations: Take a spray bottle (or if you can’t find one like me, take a bowl) and put some conditioner into the bowl with a reasonable amount of water. Pre heat heat a flattening iron on a low setting. If you put it on to high heat the synthetic fibre will most likely melt. Get your best comb out. You are now ready to begin. 

Step 1: Begin by sorting out your extensions. Section into small bits of hair. 

Step 2: Dip your comb into the water and comb through or use your spray bottle to make the hair wet and comb it. 

Step 3: Comb through all of the tangled and frissy hair while it’s wet. Leave it to dry a bit. 

Step 4: Take your flattening iron and go through your section fast and careful and few times. You should be left with something looking like picture number 5. 

Step 6: Continue to section the hair and repeat all the previous steps until your left with smooth flat hair like on picture 7. 

Step 8: You’re done and should be left with smooth and beautiful synthetic hair extensions!
/ Viola Whimsical