Introducing my shop

Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve all had one good nights sleep.♡ Today I’m going to Karlstad for some errands and then I’ll travel to my boyfriend Marcus and stay with him. I thought I would introduce my little shop which I own and run myself. It’s called ViolaWhimsical and is located on the Etsy website on the internet.

♡My shop♡

I got so inspired yesterday after reciving a new order so I instantly started finishing up some pieces that I’ve been creating and I put them up in my store. These are the newest listings in my shop :

I love unicorns so I’ve been experimenting with these necklaces for a few months now and I think the finished product came out just beautiful!

Take a look at my shop if you feel like it, there is currently 7 listings up, actually there is 9 listings but two of them are out of stock and doesn’t show up in the shop at the moment.

♡My shop♡

/ Viola Whimsical