☽ Quote #3

You are not too old and it’s not too late.



☽ How I built up the blog in my head.

Hello internetland, it’s Viola from faerieland.

So far I’ve written two posts, one welcoming you to this new blog and the other one being a very meaningful quote. I’m planning a lot for the blog right now as I’m sick in bed and can’t really do much at the moment 🙂

I wrote a little summary about me under ”about me” category earlier, feel free to check that out.

I now want to talk about how I’m building up this blog. The visuals for this blog is coming together rather nicely in my brain. The first thought was that I wanted this blog to feel like a second home. A virtual home. A place where I can relax, feel safe and express myself. Instagram and facebook just isn’t the same thing cause blogs tend to be not as intense (which I love). This leads us to the forest theme! Forests are home to me, so I brought it to the internet with me. I imagine myself being the creatures you would meet in the forest in diffrent shape and forms as I tend to vary quite a lot in apperance. The spirit of the blog would be a tribute to the inspiration I get from being in the forest.

So there you go, I have my virtual forest home now which I live in and do the things I love. Shedding a lot more light on the positive things in my life. ♡


☽ Welcome to my new blog.

Hi internetland, It’s Viola from faerieland.

Welcome to my new blog. Some of you might already know me from my old wordpress blog with the same name. 

This new blog will focus on:

☽ My lifestyle

☽ Creativity & art

☽ Positive vibes

☽ Fashion

☽ Music

☽ …pretty much everything I wanted the other blog to be from the beginning.

Aiming for quality instead of quantity and more fun things instead. 🙂 A safe, open-minded place for me and the people who wish to follow me. 

I hope to see you all again soon,