Viola’s recipies- quick vegan smoothie

Hi! I’m quitting one of my medications right now and I don’t feel like eating so I try to eat things that easily go down. I made up this smoothie today and I’d like to document and share it with you since it was really good. 

You will need: 

4 kiwis

2 bananas 

About 1 dl of water

4 green grapes

Mix together in your mixer until it’s a green colour with black kiwi seeds mix in the mixer. Enjoy! 

Stay weird,

/ Viola Whimsical


Viola’s recipies- blueberry smoothie

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  It’s a beautiful spring day today. I’m going to Karlstad for some errands and thought I would tune in with a little recipie of mine for a yummy blueberry smoothie.

You will need:

3 dl of yoghurt

1 dl of milk

one hand full of blueberries

and a mixer

(You can also easily make this vegan friendly by using soy milk and soy yoghurt instead!)

Add all the ingredients except the blueberries, warm them a bit in your microwave or put them on a plate in room temperature for a while. When the blueberries are a bit softer, add them as well. Mix everything until all the blueberries are mashed. Serve in a glass (or in a smoothie holder) with a straw! Enjoy!


/Viola Whimsical