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/Viola Whimsical


New youtube video- My recent drawings and sketches.(Constructive criticism is welcome!)

Video of me sitting in my classroom at Kyrkerud showing you my most recent drawings and sketches. As I’ve been struggling a lot with my depressive periods for years I haven’t been able to have patience to draw and I’ve not improved as an artist for years. Since I feel like I’m definatly starting to come back to it, with me going to artschool and all I feel like I wanted to show the world how I currently draw. I thought It would be a fun video to look back on in a few months, years and make a follow up video 🙂 As you can see I kind of only draw cartoon characters with white background since I love the contrast and since I usually have quite little attention span. I would like to improve my cartoons and also widen my horizons, into painting in cartoon style and maybe try some realism when I’ve gotten the patience. 🙂

Constructive criticism is welcome that could help me improve.

Blessed be,
/ Viola Whimsical )O(

/Viola Whimsical