Life update- sore, house dreaming and a wrong way to deal with anxiety

Hi all.

Today I’m extremely bored and tired. My body is super sore and weird feeling.

Yesterday night I looked at some pictures of girls with rainbow hair. It was truly fabulous. Must’ve been a pain to dye though. Kind of like mine was when I had pink and blue hair. The blue colour gets into the pink and aaah it was frustrating. Maybe I was to sloppy or didn’t do it correct. Knowing myself I might try it again soon.

In these days I’ve gotten the attention span of a 3 year old though. According to my psychologist it’s something you can get a bit better at, with some training. I feel so boring and grey, might need some more rainbows in my life.

Also, me and my fiancé Marcus have been talking to my grandpa about renting his old house in a tiny village south of my hometown, It might happen, might not. I know that I always get my hopes up so high when we find a house we like, but like you’ve probably noticed by now before, I’ve stopped writing about it since It has not worked out yet. Hopefully, we might, just might be able to get It this time. The house is so big, that I would be able to get a crafting room, doll room and guinea pig room if I wanted and still have some spare rooms, haha. It’s not forever, but me Marcus and the piggies would probably make it a momentarily home filled with love. Ahhhh, I’m getting ahead of myself now, must stop dreaming about it before I end up disappointed.

I said I was bored, and that’s partly because I’m waiting for my aliexpress and wish orders to arrive, I want them sooo bad. In a moment of massive anxiety in the middle of the night one week ago, I ordered one blythe doll, a new jointed body and a few accessories for her, the rest I have at home. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, because I turn to shopping whilst getting heavy anxiety, but I’ve gotten so much better at it. Might try to do an unboxing video of her, but it will have to be mute because I can’t stand hearing my voice right now.

That’s all for this post…


/Viola Whimsical






Things do not go as planned sometimes

Hi. I’ve been kind of quiet lately here in my blog but I do have a reason for it. I’m on a new medication and I’m just all over the place in my mood. One second I feel okay the next I feel like everything is falling apart and that I just want a break from it all, like get to sleep for a hundred years or something. I’m fed up with people constantly ignoring the issue that is mental illness. I feel like there is a certain attitude in our society against mental illness, if you can’t see it it’s not real. As you might know from earlier posts I suffer from mental illness/anxiety/bipolar disorder and it’s really tough. Yesterday I had a big anxiety attack and had to run out of the classroom. I was going to do more fun stuff this week on my blog as I recently went on a adventure across Sweden, I was going to do a haul and talk about It but I just can’t right now, my mental wellbeing is wayyy more important than vlogging and sharing my trip with you.   

I wish you all the best, 

/Viola Whimsical