Change of plans+ autumn diy

I’ve been dreading for this day to come. The day I would return to this blog after the incident that whilst feeling sad I view as an epic failure. 

I’m not going to take the course, the one I described as yoga/art/spiritual and so on (that I was looking forward to so much). It just didn’t fit in my life right now, yeah right, it actually did! But the stress that came around like remembering to make lunch for the next day or wake up on time to take the bus didn’t fit in at all. I got stressed.

I’m in a place of my recovering, mind you, where I’m completely in need of peace and no stress. Ideally I would never have to become exposed to stress again, but in this world that is next to impossible. I will never be exposed to it in the same way again though, that’s for sure, that is something I’m not going to let happen again. 

With getting that off my chest I wanted to show you what I crafted today. I made this cute headdress to celebrate the fact that autumn is almost, well kind of here! 


/Viola Whimsical



At dads

Hello lovelies.

It’s so lovely outside, The leaves are coloured, some are falling and everything is beautiful. I’m home and sick and currently at dads house.

I haven’t been feeling like blogging lately. I would hope to get my blog fixed and fun again. Let’s see how It goes. I’m thinking about blogging in both English and Swedish. Would that work out well? I don’t know that is just a thought for now. ..

Beloved autumn! 2013
Beloved autumn! 2013

Cat love

Me and more leaves, oh my goth how I love autumn. :'D <3 2013
Me and more leaves, oh my goth how I love autumn. :’D ❤ 2013


Yours truly,

//Viola Whimsical