☽ Things I’ve made while I’ve been gone

Hi internetland, It’s Viola from faerieland.

Today I’m celebrating Ostara. I really wish you the best. I miss being creative and I want to be that again but real talk- there is a lot going on as always in my life. 🙂 I’m going to start to study in April.

I have however- done some things under the past year or so. Here are some of them, most of them actually!

Alice blue cutsew- made from a second hand treasure, decorated with lace and bows by me.
This handsewn jabot. 
A unicorn necklace put together from the scraps that where left after I had my etsy store in 2016.
A super simple beautiful necklace.
A very sweet wristband.

As stated, I’m not very creative at the moment and not happy with it. Let’s hope for a more creative future!

My look today, wearing green in honour of Ostara 2019

So you have a blessed Ostara and I’ll keep going,