MOTD- I don’t know something princess

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OOTD- Black velvet and lace

Hello. Time for another OOTD. I’m posting this one day later than I should because I wasn’t satisfied with the makeup and decided not to post it yesterday. Today I just thought what the heck, sometimes you mess up your makeup and it’s not a real problem so whatever. I was inspired by some victorian clothing when I dressed up, even though my outfit isn’t really victorian.OOTD2.jpgnamn.jpg




        ♥Outfit rundown♥

  • Flowercrown: H&M
  • Choker: Ebay
  • Lace top: H&M
  • Top: Rainbow
  • Lace gloves: Ebay
  • Skirt: Second hand
  • Knee socks: H&M
  • Shoes: Dr martens


/Viola Whimsical

In Berlin!

Hi dearies. Today is almost The last day of My extended weekend trip to Berlin. It’s been great most of The time and a very fun experience. Berlin is a city perfect for those who like culture, pubs, history (perferably ww2) secondhand and other shopping.
I love this city and I would consider living here in The future!

Viola Whimsical




Who is Viola Whimsical? – Fashion (OLD, from 2013)

Hi! Welcome back. Todays post will be about fashion and my opinions on it.

I have always had a love for alternative looks. I remember being a kid and seeing alternative people when being out of town and falling in love with every single one of them. I stared at them and took in all the details in my little brain. At the age of 9 I told my mother to not buy me any more colourful clothes, I wanted them black!

I started to listen¬†to some ”darker” music at the same time.¬†I played sims as a kid and always dressed my sims in dark clothing with lots of makeup and dyed their hair in crazy colours.¬†¬†I had a clear¬†picture in my head of how I wanted to look but It was so hard being the only one with such intrests in a little town. I didn’t even know the name of the look I was searching for, and I had no one¬†to¬†ask.¬†One day I looked in a magazine. In that specific magazine I found out about a Swedish site that at the time sold a lot of the things I dreamed of. It was a joy for the eye, and I stayed on that site for hours. The fashion I was searching for was goth. It was like finally coming home.

Being that weird little kid in a small town was so hard. I used to cry a lot and write all of my struggles down in dairies.¬†If it could just float out in form of a black wordvomits¬†on the paper pages, I wouldn’t have to be hateful towards other people in real life.

So goth it was! When entering goth I felt weird at times, because everywhere I looked on the internet everyone had everything completely black, everything! Me being a blonde left me with the thoughts of not really completely being goth, which saddens me when I think about it today.

I say, when entering a fashion, THE FASHION DOESN’T RULE YOU. It is YOU WHO RULE THE FASHION. Not the subculture either for that matter. Fuck the stereotypes!

It may¬†sound clich√©, but a lot of clich√© things are actually true. You find which part of a fashion (If there is opinions to choose between diffrent types example:¬†substyles within the goth. BTW, WHICH MOST ALTERNATIVE FASHIONS TODAY HAS!)¬†and make it yours! You take bits and parts of the things you love and mix them together so they fit you. For we are not¬†one label, we are all not¬†ONE person and¬†especially not a blank¬†STEREOTYPE.¬†We are all individuals. Sure, one can love the same type of clothing, lipstick and haircolour, but there is ALWAYS going to be something diffrent about us¬†that makes us idividuals. Whatever if someone laughs at you, or tells you that you aren’t goth or whatever you now are, screw them right? Who said that you¬†have to meet¬†other peoples standards? You¬†are being true to yourself!¬†And one does not live for everyone else sake, right? So don’t care what other people think! I call myself goth because It just feels right, It just¬†feels like me, ¬†and if someone is going to tell me¬†otherwise then I won’t give a damn ūüôā ! I am goth, I am not, who cares! I will still wear the things I like with or without the label.¬†Remember that it¬†is not the label who is important and desides whenether if you¬†should ¬†wear certain things or not.

Now those where some of my thoughts on alternative fashions.

I¬†love elegnat gothic fashion! I love to watch clothing¬†and all it’s details from numerous of eras back in time, such as rococo for example.¬†I love lolita fashion. Especially gothic lolita since it combines dark and light, creepy and cute perfectly. It combines¬†most of the things¬†I like in¬†goth fashion and does¬†the same with lolita!¬†It is where I like to be. Laces, pearls,¬†bows,¬†oh all the wonderful things!¬†I sew a lot of things for myself, I am currently sewing a puffy petticoat for my skirts. Summer is just the perfect time to sew, since there is no school for 2 months!

And that leaves us at the last part of this post, and starts with the next post of these get to know Viola posts, DIY.

See you soon!