Doll unboxing, associating and planting

Hello and welcome back to the faerieland!

Today I’ve been to the post office and recieved a very fun package, my first icy doll! I made a very quick unboxing of her that you can watch below.

Later on I went to my friend Noah to hang out for most of the day, I ended up feeling really tired so they where nice and gave me a ride home. I just got back in from planting my pretty plants which where crammed into small pots before, they wanted to get into some bigger pots to grow even more. How I love plants. They’re amazing that’s for sure! I’m not super educated on planting yet but I’ll learn more and more since I love it, I feel like It’s spiritual preparing and taking care of a little life like that.

My garden is growing more and more as well, the sunflowers and pumpkins are literally sprouting with life. I also watered them. I don’t really have much more to say right now, so I guess I’m done for now. Have a great time until next time!



/Viola Whimsical



Some doll purchasing dreams for the future


The topic of today is something I haven’t mentioned on my blog since 2014 maybe?

A dear hobby of mine is collecting dolls, and currently I’m mostly into bratz dolls since I grew up completely obsessed with them. I thought I would share some dolls from my wishlist. There are always bratz dolls to obsess over and I constantly update my list :’).


These two gothic midnight dance dolls where some of my favourite dolls to dream about to one day own when I was a little girl. I now own the Yasmine from this collection but I’m missing the other two goregous dolls. I got so inspired by these dolls and still am to this day and when I was younger I decorated my pants like the second midnight dance doll.




I used to own the redhead above but then I was sooo stupid and decided to remove her face and practice facepainting dolls on her, and I threw her away. 😥




So these are the cuties I’ll share with you today. Which doll is your favourite and do you collect dolls too? Feel free to answer in the comments 😀




The doll maniac,

/Viola Whimsical


Recently purchased- Monster high dolls!

Hello my lovelies..

One thing about me that most people don’t know is that I LOVE dolls. I played with dolls as a little girl, and loved them. Now being a teen I still love dolls, but now I collect them.

I absoluteley adore The Monster high dolls, if they would have existed when I was I child I would so rather have played with them instead of Bratz! I used to modify my nearly 60 Bratz dolls into weird goth looking creatures of The night. xD

These are the dolls that I allready got:



Draculaura (Daguther of Count Dracula)


Rochelle (Daguther of The stonemonsters)


Frankie Stein (Daguther of Frankenstein)

(But I’m repainting this Frankie doll into one of my own characters..)


Elissabat (Daguther of a vampire)


Operetta (Daguther of The phantom of The opera)

And now let us take a look at The dolls I’m currently waiting for to arrive:


Lagoona Blue (Daguther of The sea monster)


Catrine DeMew (Daguther of The werecat)


Raven Queen (Daguther of The evil Queen)

(And as you can see, The last one is a Ever after High doll. :3)

I love these dolls so much and they look great in my two rooms as pretty decor! :3 ❤



/ Viola Whimsical