Doll unboxing, associating and planting

Hello and welcome back to the faerieland!

Today I’ve been to the post office and recieved a very fun package, my first icy doll! I made a very quick unboxing of her that you can watch below.

Later on I went to my friend Noah to hang out for most of the day, I ended up feeling really tired so they where nice and gave me a ride home. I just got back in from planting my pretty plants which where crammed into small pots before, they wanted to get into some bigger pots to grow even more. How I love plants. They’re amazing that’s for sure! I’m not super educated on planting yet but I’ll learn more and more since I love it, I feel like It’s spiritual preparing and taking care of a little life like that.

My garden is growing more and more as well, the sunflowers and pumpkins are literally sprouting with life. I also watered them. I don’t really have much more to say right now, so I guess I’m done for now. Have a great time until next time!



/Viola Whimsical