Night feelings

Not feeling so very well at The moment. This year has been so tough on me and had me dealing with so many struggles.
I lost a shitload of “friends” (fake,fake,fake) changed My eating habits a hundred times (It was putting too much stress on My body because of it changing so fast and sometimes in a very unhealthy way.)
I’m very pleased that The very fast way I was living is slowing down at The moment. I can look back at things now and realise why that kind of living is not working for me. I have to calm down and study here, where I’ve always lived.

Do I still miss My friends at My old school? yes, some of them.

Do I still want to leave this town as quickly as possible? probably, yeah.

Do I still hate this town as much as I did before I left for Karlstad? actually no, not as much as I used to.

So there are some quite positive things about this and some negative things and That’s okay! I’m glad it’s not only bad things!
Anyways, now I feel like I really need to sleep. Might catch you all at breakfast tomorrow ūüėČ

Goodnight ‚̧ԳŹ,
Viola Whimsical


Who is Viola Whimsical? – DIY

DIY or ”do it yourself” is actually a¬†great part of my life.¬†From a¬†quite young age¬†I started to sew and decorate things for the dolls I had. But when I became I bit older I started to sew and create things that I wanted for myself. A part of the reason of¬†why I started DIY:ing would be because of the lack of pretty much anything in the town, Another reason would be my creative mindset and imagination. Since there haven’t really been anything cool around when I was little I pretty much learned to create anything I wanted to see out of nothing.

Up the road, about 500m from my home is a second hand store. The only store of very few that I really love in my tiny little town. I visit there regulary, once a week to lay my hands on some diy friendly goodies. The range of good things is very limited, so one has to be quick or else the best items might be gone the next day. Fortunalty, some of the things I want or look for specifically seems to be things nobody else in this little town would look for so I don’t have to worry about the items being bought.


You will¬†hear alot more¬†about my DIY and art in my blog ūüėČ

That’s all for now!

viola whimsical edit

Who is Viola Whimsical? – Introduction (OLD, from 2013)

To everyone who is reading this right now, I am so happy that you found your way to my blog. I appreciate it very much, thank you. I hope you’ll feel very welcome here!
I think that It’s time to introduce myself.

Hello! My internet name is Viola Whimsical. You can call me Viola. I come from a tiny town in Sweden inside of a forest. If you happend to be wondering, yes It is quite beautiful! Sweden overall is a quite beautiful country and great place to live. It is a country who has free education, a country where gays can marry and adopt. Where I can say whatever I want about anything and dress however I like. I can also go wherever I want.¬†Sweden has a beautiful clean nature which I now intend to go back to, I come from a forest. It’s surrounding¬†my¬†tiny little town who one can drive through in 3 minutes. You’re starting to get the picture now, right? Right.

I can pick blueberries in the autumn and all kinds of mushrooms, quite close to my home. It’s rather convinient. That’s enough of that for now.

Who I am , however depends of what kind of person you are. 

I am quite sweet and sensitive as a person but might look a bit odd to some people.

I enjoy drawing, filming, photographing, dancing, singing, writing and sewing but not at the same time of course!

I love animals and mister Tim Burton will always be my hero. I listen to a lot of music too, but that’s for another post. I will very soon serve you a new post about, music and style!

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.