DIY- Face jewelry


I’ve been creating lots for days now. I’m in my happiest state when I create. So ridiculously happy and at peace. 

I created these face jewelry to wear on my forehead and I’m in love!♡

Creating right now and listening to an audio book, non the less the brilliant masterpiece Bram Stokers Dracula in Swedish. I’m determinated to read and hear this book in english one day, When I get my concentration for books back♡
/ Viola Whimsical


Happy again! ♥ – Announcment + My day + My thoughts right now

Hello everyone.♥

Right now I’m sitting in my classroom using a computer. (since my laptop is totally messed up!) I’m super happy because I’ve gotten e-mails the past week from a website reaching out to me because they want me to be apart of their team! They want me to write for them! I’m so happy! This is a great opportunity for me to be able to connect and reach out to more people, which is a dream coming true for me! All I ever wanted to do was to touch people’s minds and emotions and share my thoughts and art with the world. The fact that a website now has discovered my abilities of writing makes me really, really excited. I’m not going to say what website it is that has contacted me yet because I thought they might not want me to tell everyone before I actually start writing for them but I just had to write a bit about it at least to release my emotions and happy energy upon you!


Today we had the first day of the art week we’re having in my class. We’re having ceramics classes and I love it! We’re working on amphoras that’s supposed to describe ourselves as person’s and I choose to make my amphora with a dark and a light side, like my two extremes: depressed and manic. My amphora will also feature two profile’s of face’s, one sad and one happy face to represent my bipolar disorder furthermore. BUT! As I plan to talk about in another blogpost, It is very important to not forget that you’re so much more than your mental illness. ( But it still does affect you whole lot though. Often daily.) Therefore I shall decorate the jar a lot! (because I am a lot, haha) with symbols that I love and that’s dear to me, like the triple goddess symbol and pentacle to represent my female lifecycle, my spiritual side and to protect me and my amphora! I will also use other designs that decribes me as a person. I have a lot of ideas! If I can make it look great I hope my amphora will remind people of a dark and light roccoco amphora like the ones they had in Versailles! (but mine is smaller of course haha!)


You know, It really blows my mind how my life can change from one day to antoher. And what a positve impact it has on me to be in a positive enviroment. (And the other way around, being in a negative enviroment with closeminded people affects me with a negative impact. That’s how it is being sensitive, and I wouldn’t want it to be in any other way. It’s really easy to say now when I’m fine but really if I thought about it I wouldn’t want to be emotionless or indifferent. I know no other way of thinking and living like this and I really think I’m blessed with great personal qualities and I’ve got a value just like any other human being even though I’m sensitive. Being sensitive has nothing to do with being weak or wimpy. I think the opposite, that sensitive people are strong and powerful…also very beautiful. We love with a love that is passionate and feel with feelings that are strong. We’re the musicians and the artists, the thinkers and great writers. The leaders and the belivers. I want to apologize for feeling so strongly for delicate people but I’m not going to, we deserve more recognition and tribute for carrying our beautiful mindset (and hopefully at our best) function in daily life.

Now I’m going to quit writing, go to my room, brew some tea and brainstorm some new blogposts with new topics I want to talk about.

Best wishes,

/Viola Whimsical




In Berlin!

Hi dearies. Today is almost The last day of My extended weekend trip to Berlin. It’s been great most of The time and a very fun experience. Berlin is a city perfect for those who like culture, pubs, history (perferably ww2) secondhand and other shopping.
I love this city and I would consider living here in The future!

Viola Whimsical




1 month anniversary with Philip~~

Hello everyone
I hope that you’re all feeling allright and having a great weekend so far!
I’m currently lying in my boyfriends bed, resting my head on his shoulder feeling super cosy and loved. I figured I’d write something on my blog while his busy building WTC on mine craft, lol my little nerd!
And today was our 1 month anniversary!

I’m so in love with this guy… I’m so happy and safe with him. He is the most extraordinary person I ever got to know… I’m so happy, there is no words for how happy I am to have him as my beloved boyfriend.. I suppose we’ll just chill out at his place tonight, kissing, hugging and snuggling in bed while having a movie marathon, all through the night. :3










I’m yours forever and ever mon cherie! ❤ ❤ ❤
Viola Whimsical.

Recently purchased – New jewlery!

Good morning! As I am writing this post I’m in the middle of  eating breakfast and drinking chai tea. Mmh yummy!

I thought I’d do a little post about my recently purchased jewlery from the north European accessories and jewlery company Glitter.

I wasn’t really going to buy any jewlery when I was out shopping ( I was shopping in another town of course. My town doesn’t have any good stores at all.)  but as I walked by Glitter, I thought I’d just check it out just for fun. To my surprise they had a really cool sale where you could pick 5 items for 5,75€! 

And being the sale pirate I am, I had to buy some 😉

glitter jewlery

2 headpieces (only bought two incase I wanted to give away one to a friend of mine) two hairbows, one grey chained necklace with a black pearl at the bottom and a black and transparent pearl necklace.

/ Viola Whimsical





Recently purchased – H&M big sale shopping

Hello darlings! Todays update is a pretty big post. Lovely Lovely LOVELY autumn is just around the corner with all sorts of exciting things, oh the atmophsefere of autumn! Halloween and all It’s wonder, beautiful light from lit candles, movie watching, UCBC- under cosy blanket cuddling, all saints day here in Sweden, my birthday etc etc. ( I love autumn! I will post more about that later on) But this fall is even more extra exciting for me, I’m entering high school and in a completely diffrent town (FINALLY! It’s a big change<3)  and getting myself pierced. It’s going to be an amazing time for me.  New people, new places, new school, a new everyday life, new everything! (+ ALL OF THAT AUTUMN WONDER!!)

With all of that out of the way,  I wanted to talk about a shopping spree I very recently went on to H&M that turned out AMAZING. I decided to write this post and show off my new stuff because I wanted to show you guys that you can find amazing stuff at just ordinary clothing stores. I want to encourage everybody with alternative styles to try out ordinary stores! It’s often a lot more cheaper than in alternative stores. If the piece just isn’t quite right or doesn’t feel like it’s ready to be worn yet you can modify your findings!  If you are a DIY person like myself  you can easily modify garments of clothing into something more beautiful or cool. This spree includes both clothing at sale and clothing at ordinary prices. I think it’s great because you get the chance to be so creative with the things you find at bargain prices! This is all about your cute eyes and your brain and how good you are at visualizing  random pieces of clothing combined with other pieces that hopefully makes them beautiful to you. ”But help, I feel so stressed out while I’m in the store!” I often feel like this myself so I have tried out these small tricks that almost always work. I used all of these tips while shopping for this H&M shopping spree: + Get there early. Where I shop people seem to want to shop later than I usally do. Less people. Less feeling of stress!   + Listen to Music. Listen to music while shopping is great! Listen to your favourite songs or an album by an artist which you feel calmed down when listening to. + Eat a good meal and drink lots of water before you go off like a pirate at the sales. + Go to bed earlier the day before. More sleep gives you time to reload your batteries. + Don’t stress. Take store by store or section by section within a store on sereval days instead of just one. Less time pressure! ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~ So let’s get started with my pirate findings. ARRGHH!

Day 1:

Striped tights. Original price.
Striped cotton tights. Very comfy!
Black/grey striped cotton pants. Original price as well.
Black/grey striped cotton pants.

Oh dear stripes. How I adore you! ❤

5 pack of socks with cute trimmings at the top! Pretty cheap price for 5 pairs.
5 pack of socks with cute trimmings at the top! Pretty cheap price for 5 pairs.


Black cotton top with sateen print in the front.I think that the print is supposed to be a ribcage. :) It was it's low original price.
Black cotton top with sateen print in the front.I think that the print is supposed to be a decorative ribcage. 🙂

Day 2:

Black cotton pants with x’s all over.

Black cotton shirt with two cats with ”daimonds” on their foreheads. I love cats!


Grey leggings with black velvet prints.
2 pack of kneesocks. Really cheap! I can only recommend hm’s 2 pack of kneesocks. Cheap, really great fit and comfy!
Black shorts.
Black shorts.


Day 3:

Grey knitted bat sweater. I belive this one is my favourite find!
Grey knitted bat sweater. I belive this one is my favourite find!



Who is Viola Whimsical? – Music and style (OLD, from 2013)

Hello again. It’s very nice to see you! Todays post will be about music and style as you already might have read from the last post or this posts title ;).

Shall we start with the music first?

Well first of all, I’m electrogoth/ futurepop and EBM sucker! Haha! In Sweden we call this type of music from the very  beginning ”Synth”.  When I found this type of music I felt like I was home. It just feels right! And that is one of the reasons why I love music so much, you can feel really home without really being home, through music. 🙂 I think It’s beautiful.

I love the bands Depeche mode, The cure, VNV nation, Skinny puppy, Elegant machinery, Colony 5, Covenant, IAMX, And one, Camouflauge.

The band VNV nation including Mark Jackson and Ronan Harris.

But do I only listen to electrogoth/ futurepop and EBM? Nope! I listen to a tiny amount of gothic rock like The cure, the lovely Robert Smith, I listen to a lot of experimental music like Sigur ros, Aphex twin and Björk, she will always be my heroine!! I  also listen to some classic music. Piano is one of my favourite instruments. I also really like the Theremin, It’s an instrument which you never even need to touch to play. It was actually the first electronic instrument ever. It’s super spooky and cool!

Old picture of Björk. So cute!


The artist Kerli will probably always mean a lot to me since her music helped me through some awful times. She’s also a heroine to me. I have so much to thank her for. The fact that she is a girl who originally also comes from a little town in a forest, but in Estonia made me absolutetly crazy about her. When I listened to her a lot she had a alternative rock sound going on, at the moment shes creating pop music and I like some of that as well.





Music and the impact it can make on one person is positively amazing and goregous. One of the best things in life is music if you ask me 😉
And now to the style part of this post:
Style is something that should be really fun and personal. I love to be creative with my own look. I think that style is a form of self love. You take care of yourself and make yourself beautiful just for YOU because YOU love yourself. Now, some people doesn’t want to have style and it is just as okay as it is to want to. To me it happend to be expressing myself just like when I draw. I use myself as a canvas and create a pretty picture using myself. I like to wear makeup and cute clothes and decorate everything I see. What’s wrong with that?
I am not a superficial person at all. I think that it is very sad when people judge me just because of how I look casue I am, as told before a sweet loving person. But It’s also quite good that some people do that because then I just know that I wouldn’t want them in my life anyways. I guess that it is the people who get to know me will understand this. I just like celebrate beauty and style everyday. Even when I’m not all fixed with makeup and pretty things!
And that’s the post of today. I hope everyone have a great day or night according to where you are in the world! It is late evening here in Sweden.
Next post will be about fashion and sewing (as in clothing,shoes and those other lovely things.)

Viola Whimsical says: Keep being openminded, be strong and be you and look how you want!

Who is Viola Whimsical? – Introduction (OLD, from 2013)

To everyone who is reading this right now, I am so happy that you found your way to my blog. I appreciate it very much, thank you. I hope you’ll feel very welcome here!
I think that It’s time to introduce myself.

Hello! My internet name is Viola Whimsical. You can call me Viola. I come from a tiny town in Sweden inside of a forest. If you happend to be wondering, yes It is quite beautiful! Sweden overall is a quite beautiful country and great place to live. It is a country who has free education, a country where gays can marry and adopt. Where I can say whatever I want about anything and dress however I like. I can also go wherever I want. Sweden has a beautiful clean nature which I now intend to go back to, I come from a forest. It’s surrounding my tiny little town who one can drive through in 3 minutes. You’re starting to get the picture now, right? Right.

I can pick blueberries in the autumn and all kinds of mushrooms, quite close to my home. It’s rather convinient. That’s enough of that for now.

Who I am , however depends of what kind of person you are. 

I am quite sweet and sensitive as a person but might look a bit odd to some people.

I enjoy drawing, filming, photographing, dancing, singing, writing and sewing but not at the same time of course!

I love animals and mister Tim Burton will always be my hero. I listen to a lot of music too, but that’s for another post. I will very soon serve you a new post about, music and style!

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.