Playing around with outfits

Greetings! Welcome to the faerieland.
Today I’ve been creating outfits, mostly whimsical ones. Yesterday I played around with nature themed outfits. Like the one below

Today I’ve been playing around with my other more colourful whimsical clothes. I opened my eyes to some different ways to style my outfits, with lace shirts, basic tank tops and t shirts! 

It was super fun and I think it’s a treat for the eyes, to look at so many details and colours! 

/Viola Whimsical


Thoughts on the ”IDGAF”-attitude


Today I thought I would write a little bit on the ”I don’t give a fuck”-attitude that I strive towards to have in  life.


japanese, quote, and japan-bild

The thing I mean when I write ”IDGAF”- attitude is the act of taking care of yourself when society and people in general try to change you or bring you down. It is not equal to not caring about everyone else and be a complete douchebag. I also mean that a ”IDGAF”-attitude includes the ability to trust your gut feeling and not value what other people say too much and absolutely not more than your own opinions on yourself and your life.


Take care of eachother!

/ Viola Whimsical










Idag tänkte jag att jag skulle skriva lite på ”I don’t give a fuck”-attityden jag strävar efter att ha i livet.

japanese, quote, and japan-bild

Det jag menar när jag skriver ”IDGAF”-attityd är akten att ta hand om sig själv när samhället och andra personer överhuvudtaget, försöker ändra dig eller såra dig. Notera att den här attityden är inte lika med att aldrig bry sig om andra och vara en skitstövel. Jag  menar även att en ”IDGAF”-attityd inkluderar förmågan att lita på sin magkänsla och inte värdera vad andra människor säger för mycket samt att absolut inte värdera de åsikterna mer än sina egna åsikter på sig själv och sitt liv.


Ta hand om varandra!

/Viola Whimsical

Lemons and cotton candy outfit inspiration

Hi. I feel so much diy inspiration right now. I was inspired by candy colours and pastel fashion as I often call my pastel outfits. I had all these ideas for some redesigned outfits in my head so I went to polyvore and made a little sloppy little collage. (obviously I can’t manage polyvore correctly haha.) One thing about me that you probably didn’t know before is that I love the combination of lemon yellow and pastel pink. ♥ All these items are from Ebay, the place where I get most of my stuff. Some of these I already own, some I will buy soon. I love experimenting with my looks and I’ve been wanting to experiment with this colour combination for a while now. The outfits aren’t exactly like I want them in the collage but you get where I’m going. It’s much easier to show it off in real life which I will do when I own all the items I need.
Lemons and cotton candy

Ignore the black shoes. I didn’t know how to remove them on polyvore :’)

/Viola Whimsical

Things I’m feeling inspired by at the moment

So as I mentioned before that I might make a collage of things that inspire me at the moment- I did and here it is!

Misc1Porcelian dolls, magical creatures: unicorns, old fashioned corsets, Marie Antointette, delicate lace, albino peacocks, Kerli in her army of love era, Kerli in her tea party outfit and box pleated trims… Pretty things galore!♥

So these are the things that I have in mind while I’m crafting right now. I’m kind of always inspired by Kerli’s army of love era of style because it’s totally DIY and so awesome to me.

Again, I can’t show you anything that I’m creating right now because of the lack of my camera. I’m creating this elegant pastel pink/white neckpiece right now with a corset inspired lacing at the front. I think It’s going to look awesome. I hope I get my camera or phone fixed soon so I can show you the things I recently made.

/ Viola Whimsical