Recently purchased- Bodyline shopping

Hello again. I’m very active on my blog today aren’t I?

Woah, I totally wasn’t planning on buying dresses or anything this month but when I saw how Bodyline had marked down their prices I just couldn’t let this opportunity to get my hands on some new lolita items slip. So this month I will prioritize my lolita fashion intrest. For those of you who do not know much about lolita, let me give you the basics. It’s a street fashion from japan inspired by rococo (among other things). Lolita fashion is known for It’s poofy sillouette with frills and bows and lace. Lolita fashion, which I am referring to has nothing to do with Vladimir Nabokov’s book lolita.

So you never really know when a sale on Bodyline is over so I bought all my things at once. I know Bodyline is not seen as great as ”the real” lolita brands in the lolita world in neither quality or reputation. I do not feel like having a brand tag on my clothing is something that is important for me. I’m thinking of making a whole review on Bodyline with tips and tricks here on my blog someday so I’ll get more into my opinion on Bodyline and brand clothing rant thing then later on. Anyways, here is what I bought online:

bodyline haul.jpg

A pink cardigan/bolero, a pink and white striped jumperskirt, a black highwaisted skirt, a black and white jumperskirt and below the last jsk, a black dress (I couldn’t find a larger picture in good quality of the dress in the black colourway so there is a picture of the black and white colourway.)

I’m more than pleased with what I got my hands on. I already got some coordinates (outifts) planned in my head for some of these. Good night! ♥

/ Viola Whimsical


Lolitabutiken (Swedish review)

Hej allihopa, Okej så nu medans jag är sjuk och inte har något att göra så tänkte jag att jag kunde göra en liten recension av som är en svensk relativt nystartad lolita internetaffär. De brukar även finnas med på lite olika event som NärCon och PeppCon.
Jag tycker att detta är helt underbart då det gör att lolitakläder och accesoarer blir mycket lättare att få tag på i Sverige. Jag gjorde en liten testbeställning nyligen och allt har funkat skitbra! Personalen är riktigt trevlig och leveransen är snabb och helt felfri. 10/10 rakt igenom!

Jag beställde 2st par strumpor och en fin röd rosettring.
När man beställer får man en liten present och jag fick en gullig liten kartong med två st apelsintuggummin!
Jag är helnöjd med min beställning!




/ Viola Whimsical

Who is Viola Whimsical? – Fashion (OLD, from 2013)

Hi! Welcome back. Todays post will be about fashion and my opinions on it.

I have always had a love for alternative looks. I remember being a kid and seeing alternative people when being out of town and falling in love with every single one of them. I stared at them and took in all the details in my little brain. At the age of 9 I told my mother to not buy me any more colourful clothes, I wanted them black!

I started to listen to some ”darker” music at the same time. I played sims as a kid and always dressed my sims in dark clothing with lots of makeup and dyed their hair in crazy colours.  I had a clear picture in my head of how I wanted to look but It was so hard being the only one with such intrests in a little town. I didn’t even know the name of the look I was searching for, and I had no one to ask. One day I looked in a magazine. In that specific magazine I found out about a Swedish site that at the time sold a lot of the things I dreamed of. It was a joy for the eye, and I stayed on that site for hours. The fashion I was searching for was goth. It was like finally coming home.

Being that weird little kid in a small town was so hard. I used to cry a lot and write all of my struggles down in dairies. If it could just float out in form of a black wordvomits on the paper pages, I wouldn’t have to be hateful towards other people in real life.

So goth it was! When entering goth I felt weird at times, because everywhere I looked on the internet everyone had everything completely black, everything! Me being a blonde left me with the thoughts of not really completely being goth, which saddens me when I think about it today.

I say, when entering a fashion, THE FASHION DOESN’T RULE YOU. It is YOU WHO RULE THE FASHION. Not the subculture either for that matter. Fuck the stereotypes!

It may sound cliché, but a lot of cliché things are actually true. You find which part of a fashion (If there is opinions to choose between diffrent types example: substyles within the goth. BTW, WHICH MOST ALTERNATIVE FASHIONS TODAY HAS!) and make it yours! You take bits and parts of the things you love and mix them together so they fit you. For we are not one label, we are all not ONE person and especially not a blank STEREOTYPE. We are all individuals. Sure, one can love the same type of clothing, lipstick and haircolour, but there is ALWAYS going to be something diffrent about us that makes us idividuals. Whatever if someone laughs at you, or tells you that you aren’t goth or whatever you now are, screw them right? Who said that you have to meet other peoples standards? You are being true to yourself! And one does not live for everyone else sake, right? So don’t care what other people think! I call myself goth because It just feels right, It just feels like me,  and if someone is going to tell me otherwise then I won’t give a damn 🙂 ! I am goth, I am not, who cares! I will still wear the things I like with or without the label. Remember that it is not the label who is important and desides whenether if you should  wear certain things or not.

Now those where some of my thoughts on alternative fashions.

I love elegnat gothic fashion! I love to watch clothing and all it’s details from numerous of eras back in time, such as rococo for example. I love lolita fashion. Especially gothic lolita since it combines dark and light, creepy and cute perfectly. It combines most of the things I like in goth fashion and does the same with lolita! It is where I like to be. Laces, pearls, bows, oh all the wonderful things! I sew a lot of things for myself, I am currently sewing a puffy petticoat for my skirts. Summer is just the perfect time to sew, since there is no school for 2 months!

And that leaves us at the last part of this post, and starts with the next post of these get to know Viola posts, DIY.

See you soon!