Recently purchased: lolita fashion, spring witch clothing, shoes and bags

Hi! Welcome back. Thought I would share my most recent clothing finds. The purpose of these kind of posts is to inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to shopping. Practically all of my clothing comes from shopping at second hand shops and sales for real cheap, so I buy alot! 

Anyway here I go! 


/ Viola Whimsical



Recently purchased- Thrift store finds

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today’s post will be about my recent thrift store finds. 

Day 1:


These boots had been in the thrift shop for a while and the other day I decided to pick them up. They cost me 20kr (about 2$) and I’m going to give them a total makeover. The studs on them are going to have to go and the shoelaces will be replaced by black ribbon, the heels are going to get painted black. I’m looking forward to this project.

   Got this cute blouse for 30kr (about 3$) 

Day 2: 


Got this two cuties, each for 20kr  (about 2$ each) the white one I am planning on to wear together with my lolita outfits.

Got this cute bag for 10kr (about 1$)


Got some moving away from home necessities. 50kr (about 5$)  
 More moving away necessities. 40kr (about 4$)  
And lastly, a cute golden mouse. 5kr (about 0,5 $) I’m super tempted to put him on a crazy headdress of some sort. Haha!

And that’s it 🙂 hope you enjoyed! 

/ Viola Whimsical

Recently purchased – Crafting cupboard 

Hi! Viola here,

as I wrote earlier, that I probably would write later, here I am writing again! I must say that I love bloggning, as soon as I start bloggning again I get all these ideas and come up with these subjects I want to touch on. I just love writing. 

Anyways I am getting ahead of myself, now cutting to the subject of this post – Today me and my boyfriend went thrift shopping. We originally went to town for some planting pots but didn’t find any big ones at the thrift shop so we decided to take a look at the other things. This thrift shop in Sunne has some furniture to good prices. I walked around and then I saw it… And fell in love! 

The cutest little cupboard ever!

Since the first moment I saw It I immediately thought “crafting cupboard” and that’s bacisally it. We had to buy it. This cost us only 100kr ( about 10$) Both me and Marcus run around my little crafting corner in the house admiring our purchase. 

/ Viola Whimsical

Recently purchased- Bodyline shopping

Hello again. I’m very active on my blog today aren’t I?

Woah, I totally wasn’t planning on buying dresses or anything this month but when I saw how Bodyline had marked down their prices I just couldn’t let this opportunity to get my hands on some new lolita items slip. So this month I will prioritize my lolita fashion intrest. For those of you who do not know much about lolita, let me give you the basics. It’s a street fashion from japan inspired by rococo (among other things). Lolita fashion is known for It’s poofy sillouette with frills and bows and lace. Lolita fashion, which I am referring to has nothing to do with Vladimir Nabokov’s book lolita.

So you never really know when a sale on Bodyline is over so I bought all my things at once. I know Bodyline is not seen as great as ”the real” lolita brands in the lolita world in neither quality or reputation. I do not feel like having a brand tag on my clothing is something that is important for me. I’m thinking of making a whole review on Bodyline with tips and tricks here on my blog someday so I’ll get more into my opinion on Bodyline and brand clothing rant thing then later on. Anyways, here is what I bought online:

bodyline haul.jpg

A pink cardigan/bolero, a pink and white striped jumperskirt, a black highwaisted skirt, a black and white jumperskirt and below the last jsk, a black dress (I couldn’t find a larger picture in good quality of the dress in the black colourway so there is a picture of the black and white colourway.)

I’m more than pleased with what I got my hands on. I already got some coordinates (outifts) planned in my head for some of these. Good night! ♥

/ Viola Whimsical