Recently purchased: lolita fashion, spring witch clothing, shoes and bags

Hi! Welcome back. Thought I would share my most recent clothing finds. The purpose of these kind of posts is to inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to shopping. Practically all of my clothing comes from shopping at second hand shops and sales for real cheap, so I buy alot! 

Anyway here I go! 


/ Viola Whimsical



Recently purchased – New jewlery!

Good morning! As I am writing this post I’m in the middle of  eating breakfast and drinking chai tea. Mmh yummy!

I thought I’d do a little post about my recently purchased jewlery from the north European accessories and jewlery company Glitter.

I wasn’t really going to buy any jewlery when I was out shopping ( I was shopping in another town of course. My town doesn’t have any good stores at all.)  but as I walked by Glitter, I thought I’d just check it out just for fun. To my surprise they had a really cool sale where you could pick 5 items for 5,75€! 

And being the sale pirate I am, I had to buy some 😉

glitter jewlery

2 headpieces (only bought two incase I wanted to give away one to a friend of mine) two hairbows, one grey chained necklace with a black pearl at the bottom and a black and transparent pearl necklace.

/ Viola Whimsical





Recently purchased – H&M big sale shopping

Hello darlings! Todays update is a pretty big post. Lovely Lovely LOVELY autumn is just around the corner with all sorts of exciting things, oh the atmophsefere of autumn! Halloween and all It’s wonder, beautiful light from lit candles, movie watching, UCBC- under cosy blanket cuddling, all saints day here in Sweden, my birthday etc etc. ( I love autumn! I will post more about that later on) But this fall is even more extra exciting for me, I’m entering high school and in a completely diffrent town (FINALLY! It’s a big change<3)  and getting myself pierced. It’s going to be an amazing time for me.  New people, new places, new school, a new everyday life, new everything! (+ ALL OF THAT AUTUMN WONDER!!)

With all of that out of the way,  I wanted to talk about a shopping spree I very recently went on to H&M that turned out AMAZING. I decided to write this post and show off my new stuff because I wanted to show you guys that you can find amazing stuff at just ordinary clothing stores. I want to encourage everybody with alternative styles to try out ordinary stores! It’s often a lot more cheaper than in alternative stores. If the piece just isn’t quite right or doesn’t feel like it’s ready to be worn yet you can modify your findings!  If you are a DIY person like myself  you can easily modify garments of clothing into something more beautiful or cool. This spree includes both clothing at sale and clothing at ordinary prices. I think it’s great because you get the chance to be so creative with the things you find at bargain prices! This is all about your cute eyes and your brain and how good you are at visualizing  random pieces of clothing combined with other pieces that hopefully makes them beautiful to you. ”But help, I feel so stressed out while I’m in the store!” I often feel like this myself so I have tried out these small tricks that almost always work. I used all of these tips while shopping for this H&M shopping spree: + Get there early. Where I shop people seem to want to shop later than I usally do. Less people. Less feeling of stress!   + Listen to Music. Listen to music while shopping is great! Listen to your favourite songs or an album by an artist which you feel calmed down when listening to. + Eat a good meal and drink lots of water before you go off like a pirate at the sales. + Go to bed earlier the day before. More sleep gives you time to reload your batteries. + Don’t stress. Take store by store or section by section within a store on sereval days instead of just one. Less time pressure! ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~ So let’s get started with my pirate findings. ARRGHH!

Day 1:

Striped tights. Original price.
Striped cotton tights. Very comfy!
Black/grey striped cotton pants. Original price as well.
Black/grey striped cotton pants.

Oh dear stripes. How I adore you! ❤

5 pack of socks with cute trimmings at the top! Pretty cheap price for 5 pairs.
5 pack of socks with cute trimmings at the top! Pretty cheap price for 5 pairs.


Black cotton top with sateen print in the front.I think that the print is supposed to be a ribcage. :) It was it's low original price.
Black cotton top with sateen print in the front.I think that the print is supposed to be a decorative ribcage. 🙂

Day 2:

Black cotton pants with x’s all over.

Black cotton shirt with two cats with ”daimonds” on their foreheads. I love cats!


Grey leggings with black velvet prints.
2 pack of kneesocks. Really cheap! I can only recommend hm’s 2 pack of kneesocks. Cheap, really great fit and comfy!
Black shorts.
Black shorts.


Day 3:

Grey knitted bat sweater. I belive this one is my favourite find!
Grey knitted bat sweater. I belive this one is my favourite find!



Who is Viola Whimsical? – Fashion (OLD, from 2013)

Hi! Welcome back. Todays post will be about fashion and my opinions on it.

I have always had a love for alternative looks. I remember being a kid and seeing alternative people when being out of town and falling in love with every single one of them. I stared at them and took in all the details in my little brain. At the age of 9 I told my mother to not buy me any more colourful clothes, I wanted them black!

I started to listen to some ”darker” music at the same time. I played sims as a kid and always dressed my sims in dark clothing with lots of makeup and dyed their hair in crazy colours.  I had a clear picture in my head of how I wanted to look but It was so hard being the only one with such intrests in a little town. I didn’t even know the name of the look I was searching for, and I had no one to ask. One day I looked in a magazine. In that specific magazine I found out about a Swedish site that at the time sold a lot of the things I dreamed of. It was a joy for the eye, and I stayed on that site for hours. The fashion I was searching for was goth. It was like finally coming home.

Being that weird little kid in a small town was so hard. I used to cry a lot and write all of my struggles down in dairies. If it could just float out in form of a black wordvomits on the paper pages, I wouldn’t have to be hateful towards other people in real life.

So goth it was! When entering goth I felt weird at times, because everywhere I looked on the internet everyone had everything completely black, everything! Me being a blonde left me with the thoughts of not really completely being goth, which saddens me when I think about it today.

I say, when entering a fashion, THE FASHION DOESN’T RULE YOU. It is YOU WHO RULE THE FASHION. Not the subculture either for that matter. Fuck the stereotypes!

It may sound cliché, but a lot of cliché things are actually true. You find which part of a fashion (If there is opinions to choose between diffrent types example: substyles within the goth. BTW, WHICH MOST ALTERNATIVE FASHIONS TODAY HAS!) and make it yours! You take bits and parts of the things you love and mix them together so they fit you. For we are not one label, we are all not ONE person and especially not a blank STEREOTYPE. We are all individuals. Sure, one can love the same type of clothing, lipstick and haircolour, but there is ALWAYS going to be something diffrent about us that makes us idividuals. Whatever if someone laughs at you, or tells you that you aren’t goth or whatever you now are, screw them right? Who said that you have to meet other peoples standards? You are being true to yourself! And one does not live for everyone else sake, right? So don’t care what other people think! I call myself goth because It just feels right, It just feels like me,  and if someone is going to tell me otherwise then I won’t give a damn 🙂 ! I am goth, I am not, who cares! I will still wear the things I like with or without the label. Remember that it is not the label who is important and desides whenether if you should  wear certain things or not.

Now those where some of my thoughts on alternative fashions.

I love elegnat gothic fashion! I love to watch clothing and all it’s details from numerous of eras back in time, such as rococo for example. I love lolita fashion. Especially gothic lolita since it combines dark and light, creepy and cute perfectly. It combines most of the things I like in goth fashion and does the same with lolita! It is where I like to be. Laces, pearls, bows, oh all the wonderful things! I sew a lot of things for myself, I am currently sewing a puffy petticoat for my skirts. Summer is just the perfect time to sew, since there is no school for 2 months!

And that leaves us at the last part of this post, and starts with the next post of these get to know Viola posts, DIY.

See you soon!