Photobomb- My weekend in Stockholm (Depeche mode concert)

I personally don’t photograph or film too much during concerts becaue I want to experience it fully. 

By now, people who follow this blog should be aware that I live in the forest and has no aspirations ever of leaving the forest for settling down in Stockholm. 

So yes, I didn’t photograph any of the surroundings because Stockholm is fucking ugly and concrete manmade. I also mostly suffered in Swedens capital city so I don’t want to remember anything but the concert which was great, depeche mode always put on a good show♡♡♡

The rest is lol whatever and I can live without.

/ Viola Whimsical



Why I hate Stockholm and bigger cities in general: 

Crowded. Money is everything. False. Greedy. Bigots when it comes to anything but Stockholm. Vanity. Self obsession. Unkind. Unwelcoming. Cold. Psychopaths and sociopaths. Smells like urine and fecies. 

Almost got hit in the face by a freaking idiot. 

I hate Stockholm for so many reasons. Definitley nothing for me. Needed to get this out of my system before I can move on. 

/ Viola Whimsical