MOTD- Yellow and pink

/Viola Whimsical


Ootd- somewhat ott sweet lolita



  ♡ Outfit rundown♡

Flowercrown: Ebay

Spoon hairclips: handmade by me

Lollipop hairclip: handmade by me

Forhead gems: random rhinestones from Ebay

Necklaces: second hand

Rose brooch: h&m

Ruffle bead brooch: handmade by me

Bracelets: some are handmade by me, others Ur&penn

Wristcuffs: handmade by me

 Dress: second hand (squirell party op by Bodyline) 

Tights: random from the child section from somewhere

Kneesocks: lolitabutiken

/  Viola Whimsical