Some doll purchasing dreams for the future


The topic of today is something I haven’t mentioned on my blog since 2014 maybe?

A dear hobby of mine is collecting dolls, and currently I’m mostly into bratz dolls since I grew up completely obsessed with them. I thought I would share some dolls from my wishlist. There are always bratz dolls to obsess over and I constantly update my list :’).


These two gothic midnight dance dolls where some of my favourite dolls to dream about to one day own when I was a little girl. I now own the Yasmine from this collection but I’m missing the other two goregous dolls. I got so inspired by these dolls and still am to this day and when I was younger I decorated my pants like the second midnight dance doll.




I used to own the redhead above but then I was sooo stupid and decided to remove her face and practice facepainting dolls on her, and I threw her away. 😥




So these are the cuties I’ll share with you today. Which doll is your favourite and do you collect dolls too? Feel free to answer in the comments 😀




The doll maniac,

/Viola Whimsical



Wishlist- Unicorns and books galore!

I thought I would share some of my recent amazon wishlist items. First,

I found this amazing resin unicorn skull… I am enchanted!


Then I found this unicorn bust again that I’ve been eyeing since April this year. I just.. words can’t describe. I love it!

I’m sure many of you already know that I don’t drink and do not promote drinking but I love this unicon bottle holder, I thought that It could in my case maybe hold some bottle of alcohol free glogg for winter celebrations and get togethers.

I already got a unicorn statue at home with a faerie on it as well but I’d love to have this unicorn, he looks so lonely and needs a new home!


I’d love to have this cutie on my bed someday..


Now to the book section of this post:

The book Witchcraft today by Gerald Gardner, the English gentleman I wrote a bit about in my spiritual path post.

Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of magical herbs book.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic (Cunningham's Encyclopedia Series) by [Cunningham, Scott]

Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of crystal, gem and metal magic

Norse mythology by an author named Robert Carlson.


Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants by [Gregg, Susan]

The complete illustrated encyclopedia of magical plants by Susan Gregg


Paganism an introduction to earth-centered religions by Joyce and River Higginbotham.


The encyclopedia of crystals by Judy Hall.


Amy Brown Faery Wisdom Deck (Tarot Cards)Faery wisdom deck (tarot cards) with beautiful, beautiful illustrations by Amy brown!


I did have more books to add to this list but decided to not include them since it would be so much for you guys to read. I’m going to own these books one day and I’d love to make some book reviews then.

Best wishes,

/Viola Whimsical

Wishlist – For my new home

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I would share my wishlist for my new home that I will be moving to in a little bit more than a month. I will be moving to Årjäng and live there and go to school there. I already own quite a few things for when I move away from home that I’ve collected over the years. 

 Here is my wishlist:

I’d love to own a makeup table that looks something like this
This moon lamp is so beautiful

I do love to have a bed full of pillows.


Some led lightning is always welcome and adds that cosy feel in the night and in autumn.  

A water boiler for my room so I can drink tea

 That’s all I can think of for now, I’m sure I’ll find some more while thrift shopping and looking through my box in my mothers house. 🙂 I should do a haul or something when I have all the stuff I’ve gathered. ❤

/Viola Whimsical