MOTD (and new hair) – dotty wasp clown

/ Viola Whimsical


Lemons and cotton candy outfit inspiration

Hi. I feel so much diy inspiration right now. I was inspired by candy colours and pastel fashion as I often call my pastel outfits. I had all these ideas for some redesigned outfits in my head so I went to polyvore and made a little sloppy little collage. (obviously I can’t manage polyvore correctly haha.) One thing about me that you probably didn’t know before is that I love the combination of lemon yellow and pastel pink. ♥ All these items are from Ebay, the place where I get most of my stuff. Some of these I already own, some I will buy soon. I love experimenting with my looks and I’ve been wanting to experiment with this colour combination for a while now. The outfits aren’t exactly like I want them in the collage but you get where I’m going. It’s much easier to show it off in real life which I will do when I own all the items I need.
Lemons and cotton candy

Ignore the black shoes. I didn’t know how to remove them on polyvore :’)

/Viola Whimsical